History of Ghostscript versions 8.xx

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This document is a record of changes in Ghostscript releases numbered 8.xx. For earlier versions, see the the history documents:

History of Ghostscript versions 7.n
History of Ghostscript versions 6.n
History of Ghostscript versions 5.n
History of Ghostscript versions 4.n
History of Ghostscript versions 3.n
History of Ghostscript versions 2.n
History of Ghostscript versions 1.n

For other information, see the Ghostscript overview.

Version 8.11 (2003-08-16)

Ghostscript 8.11 is the first stable release since 8.00, building on the features in the 8.10 beta, and with numerous additional fixes and improvements. In particular, font rendering is greatly improved (thanks to Igor Melichev's new hinting code), PDF 1.4 transparency rendering is much more likely to be correct, and there is better support for CID font substitution. Processing of incorrect and broken PDF files is also improved, including files corrupted xref tables and non-ASCII font names. Many other smaller fixes are included.

Users may want to experiment with the new -dAlignToPixels=0 setting, which enables subpixel positioning for antialiased font rendering.

The following bugs.ghostscript.com numbers were open at the time of this release:

405501, 406273, 414947, 430175, 446344, 456692, 458261, 458775, 458780, 459647, 463688, 465936, 487460, 487953, 493348, 509829, 526099, 526491, 530011, 535366, 535932, 542629, 553187, 555072, 558151, 558435, 563287, 572865, 578865, 592160, 592837, 595760, 600288, 601336, 602263, 603934, 604722, 605830, 607425, 607850, 610478, 611898, 614298, 617077, 617523, 624515, 626295, 628110, 629335, 634036, 634358, 636210, 645316, 651644, 656414, 656510, 664484, 667301, 669654, 674241, 674417, 674418, 677324, 677383, 677430, 680301, 681469, 684778, 684866, 685335, 686746, 686747, 686750, 686752, 686765, 686770, 686778, 686779, 686782, 686788, 686789, 686796, 686803, 686813, 686815, 686816, 686817, 686819, 686822, 686824, 686833, 686834, 686837, 686839, 686841, 686842, 686843, 686844, 686845, 686850, 686852, 686853, 686860, 686863, 686865, 686867, 686873, 686877, 686883, 686885, 686889, 686892, 686896, 686897, 686902, 686903, 686904, 686908, 686909, 686919, 686930, 686931, 686933, 686936, 686937, 686938, 686943, 686944, 686946, 686947, 686948, 686949, 686950, 686951, 686952, 686953, 686954, 686956, 686957, 686958, 686959, 686961, 686963, 686966, 686975, 686978, 686980, 686981, 686990, 686996, 686998, 686999, 687000.

Incompatible changes

The mechanism for locating resources has changed since 8.00. See the usage documentation for details of the new mechanism.

Ghostscript now runs in save level 1 by default, which has changed since 8.10. Jobservers will need to use the -dNOOUTERSAVE option to restore the old behavior.


2003-08-16 19:52 giles

Correct the release date in the documentation footer and increment the version number for release.

[doc/API.htm 1.36, doc/Bug-form.htm 1.38, doc/Bug-info.htm 1.37, doc/C-style.htm 1.43, doc/Commprod.htm 1.29, doc/Copying.htm 1.28, doc/DLL.htm 1.32, doc/Deprecated.htm 1.9, doc/Develop.htm 1.119, doc/Devices.htm 1.69, doc/Drivers.htm 1.40, doc/Fonts.htm 1.38, doc/Helpers.htm 1.32, doc/History1.htm 1.28, doc/History2.htm 1.28, doc/History3.htm 1.28, doc/History4.htm 1.28, doc/History5.htm 1.30, doc/History6.htm 1.45, doc/History7.htm 1.33, doc/History8.htm 1.5, doc/Htmstyle.htm 1.33, doc/Install.htm 1.43, doc/Issues.htm 1.38, doc/Language.htm 1.75, doc/Lib.htm 1.31, doc/Maintain.htm 1.39, doc/Make.htm 1.69, doc/New-user.htm 1.48, doc/Projects.htm 1.53, doc/Ps-style.htm 1.26, doc/Ps2epsi.htm 1.30, doc/Ps2pdf.htm 1.55, doc/Psfiles.htm 1.49, doc/Readme.htm 1.51, doc/Source.htm 1.28, doc/Tester.htm 1.28, doc/Testing.htm 1.22, doc/Unix-lpr.htm 1.28, doc/Use.htm 1.88, doc/Xfonts.htm 1.28, doc/gs-vms.hlp 1.27]

2003-08-16 19:48 giles

Bump the release date for Ghostscript 8.11.

[doc/News.htm 1.134, doc/Release.htm 1.80, man/dvipdf.1 1.26, man/font2c.1 1.26, man/gs.1 1.27, man/gslp.1 1.26, man/gsnd.1 1.26, man/pdf2dsc.1 1.25, man/pdf2ps.1 1.27, man/pdfopt.1 1.25, man/pf2afm.1 1.26, man/pfbtopfa.1 1.27, man/printafm.1 1.26, man/ps2ascii.1 1.25, man/ps2epsi.1 1.24, man/ps2pdf.1 1.31, man/ps2pdfwr.1 1.30, man/ps2ps.1 1.33, man/wftopfa.1 1.26, src/version.mak 1.65]

2003-08-16 19:43 giles

Document testing.cfg as well as testing.cfg.example.

[doc/Testing.htm 1.21]

2003-08-16 07:53 raph (details)

Cleans up the behavior of the .tempfile operator, primarily making it
consistent across all the platforms, ensuring that the TMPDIR and TEMP
environment variables are effective, the system temp directory is used
when these are not specified, and the permissions for tempfile
creation work as expected (allowed in the simple case, but closing off
potential vulnerabilities in other cases. Intended as a final fix for
bug #686922.

[doc/Language.htm 1.74, src/gp.h 1.25, src/gp_mswin.c 1.22, src/gp_vms.c 1.32, src/gpmisc.h 1.12, src/lib.mak 1.131, src/zfile.c 1.36]

2003-08-16 06:51 ray (details)

Convert ASCII range font names found during the FONTPATH scanning to
simole ASCII aliases (original Unicode names preserved). Fixes bug 686861
for customer 131.

[lib/gs_fonts.ps 1.41]

2003-08-16 00:42 ray (details)

Pass path across grestore using base "identity" coordinates to prevent
limitcheck errors. The upath operator returns coordinates in the current
user space, but these are no longer valid across a CTM change such as
"grestore" or "setgstate" causes. Fixes SF bug #687001 for customers
580 and 590.

[lib/pdf_ops.ps 1.31]

2003-08-15 22:32 raph (details)

Fixes two pointers to freed objects that were left dangling
in the PDF 1.4 transparency logic. Fixes bug #686994.

[src/gdevp14.c 1.19, src/gsdfilt.c 1.8, src/gsdfilt.h 1.9, src/gsstate.c 1.21, src/gzstate.h 1.9]

2003-08-15 20:23 giles

Correct a typo in the previous commit.

[src/gp_macio.c 1.29]

2003-08-15 20:19 giles

Remove redunant prototypes from gp_mac.h and modernise the implementation
of gp_open_scratch_file on MacOS to match the updated prototype in gp.h.
Also adds some limit checking in that implementation.

Note that gp_mac.h is now empty. I've left it in the build in expectation of
future usefulness.

[src/gp_mac.h 1.5, src/gp_macio.c 1.28]

2003-08-14 22:28 ghostgum (details)

Update DSC parser to latest version from GSview.

[src/dscparse.c 1.13, src/dscparse.h 1.12]

2003-08-14 19:56 alexcher

Fix make files and portability layer to compile on Borland 5.5
freeware compiler.

[src/bcwin32.mak 1.29, src/unistd_.h 1.9, src/winint.mak 1.20]

2003-08-14 17:52 alexcher

Include time.h and sys/time.h on Intel compiler as requested by Duraid Madina.
Fix bug 686984

[src/time_.h 1.7]

2003-08-14 17:32 alexcher

Update non-DLL version to support visual tracer.
Fix bug 686993

[src/dwdll.c 1.6, src/dwnodll.c 1.5, src/msvc32.mak 1.47]

2003-08-13 16:04 alexcher

Fix portability issues: add a portable header for sscanf() and
use specific handle HDROP instead of generic HANDLE.

[src/dwimg.c 1.9, src/winint.mak 1.19]

2003-08-13 15:56 alexcher

Don't rely on MS linker merging global variables defined multiple times.

[src/dwtrace.h 1.5]

2003-08-13 15:54 alexcher

Update GS icon file by re-saving it in MSVC 6. Old icon file was incompatible
with OpenWatcom resource compiler.

[src/gswin.icx 1.2]

2003-08-13 15:49 alexcher

Remove comma from the linker command line because the following indirect
file contains keyword-value pairs, not a list of values.

[src/watcw32.mak 1.27]

2003-08-13 15:14 alexcher

OpenWatcom doesn't define LPRGBQUAD. Add the corresponding typedef.
Partial fix for 686816

[src/windows_.h 1.5]

2003-08-12 14:13 ray

Add the headers ($Id: History8.htm,v 1.6 2003/08/16 21:27:24 giles Exp $ line and copyright notices).

[toolbin/genfontmap.ps 1.2]

2003-08-12 13:32 igor

Fix : The condition for empty environment string was wrong in ztempfile.
Bug 686922 "no default temp dir"

[src/zfile.c 1.35]

2003-08-11 19:14 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : The default implementation of stringwidth is incompatible with Type 3 font processing.

[src/gdevpdte.c 1.43, src/gdevpdtt.c 1.54, src/gxchar.c 1.30, src/gxchar.h 1.14]

2003-08-11 17:42 ray

Correct offsets into .bigstring (broken when string size changed from 1000).

[lib/gs_frsd.ps 1.8]

2003-08-11 11:50 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Don't write OP into charprocs.

[src/gdevpdfg.c 1.34]

2003-08-11 11:44 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Check a run out charstring while converting Type 1 font into Type2.

[src/gdevpdtb.c 1.21, src/gdevpsf2.c 1.27, src/gdevpsfx.c 1.22]

2003-08-10 06:33 dan (details)

Fix for Bug 686991  Memory leak in CET test file 12-07.ps.

[src/zimage.c 1.12]

2003-08-08 18:45 ray (details)

Adjust internal string lengths to allow for long path/filenames such as
for Resource paths. OS limits may be shorter than the 8192 length allowed
for after this changes, but now interpreter internals won't cause a failure.
Customer 590 found this with a long GenericResourceDir. Bug #686989.

[lib/gs_cidcm.ps 1.11, lib/gs_diskn.ps 1.5, lib/gs_fntem.ps 1.7, lib/gs_fonts.ps 1.40, lib/gs_frsd.ps 1.7, lib/gs_pdfwr.ps 1.36, lib/gs_pfile.ps 1.5, lib/gs_res.ps 1.34, lib/gs_resst.ps 1.3, lib/gs_statd.ps 1.12, lib/gslp.ps 1.6, lib/pdf_main.ps 1.76, lib/pphs.ps 1.6, lib/wftopfa.ps 1.5]

2003-08-07 18:19 ray

Add a utility to create a Fontmap format file after forcing a scan of all
FONTPATH directories. The created Fontmap file will contain direct links
to all fonts found, so that subsequent runs of Ghostscript that use this
Fontmap won't need to perform the time consuming scan of the FONTPATH.

[toolbin/genfontmap.ps 1.1]

2003-08-07 17:09 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Widths were computed wrongly with Type 3 fonts.

[src/gdevpdte.c 1.42, src/gdevpdtw.c 1.23]

2003-08-06 17:05 alexcher

Allocate larger buffer for generated charstrings. Old allocation was
insufficient for gray block characters. (Unicode 2591, 2592, 2593).
Fix bug 686987.

[lib/bdftops.ps 1.7]

2003-08-06 16:24 giles

Disable the legacy macstdio device in the default Codewarrior build. It conflicts
with and is obsoleted by the modern Metrowerks Standard Library and our default
Carbon build, which most users are now using.

[src/macos-mcp.mak 1.21]

2003-08-06 16:13 giles

Remove an unused local variable

[src/gdevpdtw.c 1.22]

2003-08-06 15:50 giles

Fix incorrect line endings.

[src/gdevpdtw.c 1.21]

2003-08-04 13:51 giles

Document adding the jbig2dec source to the source release.

[doc/Release.htm 1.79]

2003-08-02 22:50 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Providing an access to the original font matrix via a special
font dictionary key /.OrigFont (part 2).

[src/gdevpdtt.c 1.53, src/zbfont.c 1.23]

2003-08-02 15:52 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : A workaround for Type 3 fonts with instandard BuildChar.

[src/gdevpdti.c 1.18, src/gsccode.h 1.12, src/zbfont.c 1.22]

2003-08-02 12:00 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : xshow, xyshow array index was wrong.

[src/gdevpdtc.c 1.26, src/gdevpdte.c 1.41]

2003-08-02 09:54 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : gs_copied_can_copy_glyphs used glyph names instead glyph indices with Type 42.

[src/gxfcopy.c 1.31]

2003-08-01 20:37 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Providing an access to the original font matrix via a special
font dictionary key /.OrigFont .

[lib/gs_fonts.ps 1.39, src/gdevpdtt.c 1.52, src/gsfont.c 1.21, src/gxfont.h 1.20, src/zbfont.c 1.21]

2003-08-01 16:50 jack

Update News.htm with current open bugs and incompatible changes.

[doc/News.htm 1.133]

2003-08-01 15:53 giles

Remove a redundant dependency definition.

[src/lib.mak 1.130]

2003-08-01 15:40 giles

Set release dates on the documenation.

[doc/News.htm 1.132, man/dvipdf.1 1.25, man/font2c.1 1.25, man/gs.1 1.26, man/gslp.1 1.25, man/gsnd.1 1.25, man/pdf2dsc.1 1.24, man/pdf2ps.1 1.26, man/pdfopt.1 1.24, man/pf2afm.1 1.25, man/pfbtopfa.1 1.26, man/printafm.1 1.25, man/ps2ascii.1 1.24, man/ps2epsi.1 1.23, man/ps2pdf.1 1.30, man/ps2pdfwr.1 1.29, man/ps2ps.1 1.32, man/wftopfa.1 1.25]

2003-08-01 15:21 giles

Update release date for stable 8.11 release.

[doc/News.htm 1.131, src/gscdef.c 1.37, src/version.mak 1.64]

2003-07-31 20:14 alexcher

Create a table that decides whether the glyph index belongs to
[WinAnsiEncoding, StandardEncoding, MacExpertEncoding], or SymbolEncoding,
or none of them. Use this table instead of searching the encoding vectors
for every glyph.
Fix bug 686929

[doc/Develop.htm 1.118, src/devs.mak 1.93, src/gdevpdtv.c 1.1, src/gdevpdtv.h 1.1, src/gdevpdtw.c 1.20, toolbin/encs2c.ps 1.4]

2003-07-31 12:15 igor (details)

Fix (the new Type 1 hinter) : Accent was misplaced in composite Type 2 glyphs.

[src/gstype2.c 1.27, src/gxhintn.c 1.29]

2003-07-30 20:24 giles

Document the .bindnow operator and the need to rebind bind to .bind after
calling it with -dDELAYBIND. Closes bug 633299.

[doc/Language.htm 1.73, doc/Use.htm 1.87]

2003-07-30 15:48 ray

Remove superfluous 'save pop' from .setpdfwrite definition since gs_init.ps
now performs the outer level save which addresses the font loading issue
.setpdfwrite was solving.

[lib/gs_pdfwr.ps 1.35]

2003-07-30 13:35 ray

Add -dNOOUTERSAVE when -c false 0 startjob pop is used to set up a job
server environment so that Genoa tests will operate as if under a job
server and so that global VM will be restored when Genoa tests check the
exitserver operation.

[toolbin/tests/gstestgs.py 1.20]

2003-07-30 07:26 ray (details)

Add an initial outermost save unless -dNOOUTERSAVE option is specified.
Fixes Bug #686972 and others that were closed with the instructions to
use -c "save pop" prior to the file.

[doc/Use.htm 1.86, lib/gs_init.ps 1.93]

2003-07-30 00:25 giles (details)

Properly handle the absence of a parameter dictionary in the JBIG2Decode
filter implementation. Closes bug 686979.

[src/zfjbig2.c 1.3]

2003-07-29 12:24 giles

Correct capitalization of the -d parameter in the IJS examples.

[doc/Devices.htm 1.68]

2003-07-26 19:23 dan

Correct a problem which was created when the SeparationOrder parameter
was implemented.  The usual symptom was an uninitialized value left in
the cyan component for a gray color space.

[src/gdevdevn.c 1.9]

2003-07-25 14:08 giles

Build fix of the jbig2 makefile. OOur portable (v)snprintf implementation is
in snprintf.c, notvsnprintf.c. Reported in but 686966.

[src/jbig2.mak 1.6]

2003-07-25 00:05 giles

Record that .buildnativefontmap has been run even if .getnativefonts returns
false (unimplemented). This was causing an endless loop if a font was not
found as dofindfont tried to call the native font enumeration code over and

[lib/gs_fonts.ps 1.38]

2003-07-24 15:22 ray (details)

Fix a SEGV that could occur during 'shfill' if a GC occurred between the
.buildhading and the .shfill internal operators.

[src/gsshade.c 1.9, src/gsshade.h 1.7, src/gsstruct.h 1.16]

2003-07-24 00:25 giles

Fix security issue with .setnativefontmapbuilt. Procedures that change the
systemdict must be execute-only so the .forceput cannot be extracted and
used to change other parameters. Thanks to Russell Lang for this.

[lib/gs_fonts.ps 1.37]

2003-07-24 00:07 giles

Since globaldict isn't always available and userdict is subject to save/restore,
keep /.nativefontmapbuilt in systemdict, with an accompanying procedure to set
its value since systemdict is read-only from the normal runlevel.

[lib/gs_fonts.ps 1.36]

2003-07-23 23:31 giles

Record whether the .buildnativefontmap has been run as a boolean under
the key /.nativefontmapbuilt in userdict, instead of the array hack
used previously.

A better choice would be globaldict which is less susceptible to save/restore
but this is a language level 2 feature and not defined with gs_fonts.ps is

[lib/gs_fonts.ps 1.35]

2003-07-23 21:27 raph

More transparency fixes: set color space when computing /BC in soft-mask
transparency groups. Implement /TR transfer function in soft-mask groups.

[lib/pdf_draw.ps 1.73, src/gdevp14.c 1.18]

2003-07-23 17:20 giles (details)

Enable native font enumeration by default. This change also corrects some
flaws in the search logic. Like with the FONTPATH directory scanning,
.buildnativefontmap will only be called the first time a font cannot be found.
However, it can still be run manually to update the in-memory Fontmap.

[lib/gs_fonts.ps 1.34]

2003-07-19 06:13 raph

More transparency fixes: fix broken remapping of Separation and DeviceN
colorspaces in PDF 1.4 mode. Convert background color for soft mask
groups to DeviceGray colorspace using PostScript code (currentgray).

[lib/pdf_draw.ps 1.72, src/gdevp14.c 1.17, src/ztrans.c 1.20]

2003-07-18 21:40 raph

Draws the alpha plane of PDF 1.4 SMask images as a soft masked group.

[lib/pdf_draw.ps 1.71]

2003-07-17 13:49 giles

Speed up native font enumeration on MacOS by caching the results of parsing the FOND resource

Also return paths of the from '%macresource%path:to:file#POST' for resource files without
FOND tables, on the assumption these are LWFN files. The font loading machinery doesn't yet
support such paths, and they are simply skipped without being added to the in-memory font map.

[src/gp_macio.c 1.27]

2003-07-15 16:47 giles

Rename reftable to fond_table, etc. to avoid confusion with postscript references.

[src/gp_macio.c 1.26]

2003-07-15 01:05 giles (details)

Improve native font enumeration on MacOS. This feature is still not enabled.

[src/gp_macio.c 1.25]

2003-07-14 19:32 ray (details)

Read a PostScript embedded ICC input profile into a bytestring (.bigstring)
rather than a temp file. This is faster and doesn't leave the temp file
laying around. Bug #686926 for Artifex customer #1110.

[lib/gs_icc.ps 1.10]

2003-07-14 07:20 ghostgum

Exclude NT file attributes when building zip file of sources.

[doc/Release.htm 1.78]

2003-07-11 15:18 giles

Have configure define DONT_HAVE_JMEMSYS_H is appropriate, is support of the eventual generation of gconfig_.h by the configure script rather than unix-aux.mak.

[src/configure.ac 1.32]

2003-07-10 22:32 dan

Added casts to remove some warning messages from MSVC.  Partial fix for
bug #686592.

[src/gdevdevn.c 1.8, src/gdevpsd.c 1.5]

2003-07-10 19:21 ray

Comment out the #define for the DUMP_TO_PNG debug mode (it will need make
file changes to compile correctly since png.h may not be on standard
include paths.

[src/gdevp14.c 1.16]

2003-07-10 18:42 raph

First batch of transparency improvments. With these changes,
ChineseOpera.ai and a number of other files using soft mask groups
should render correctly.

[src/gdevp14.c 1.15, src/gstrans.c 1.17, src/gxblend.c 1.5]

2003-07-10 18:34 raph

A code clarity change only. Make the value of 1-input stitching function
more explicit in the degenerate case.

[src/gsfunc3.c 1.15]

2003-07-10 18:07 giles

Update version information and links to the web and bts sites, after a patch from Ambrose Li. Bug 686939.

[doc/Bug-info.htm 1.36, doc/New-user.htm 1.47]

2003-07-10 17:55 giles

Generate the list of X11 libraries we need to link to in configure. Previously this was hardwired, but some systems do require the addition of the X_PRE_LIBS and X_EXTRA_LIBS discovered by the configure macro. Closes bug 686938.

[src/Makefile.in 1.26, src/configure.ac 1.31]

2003-07-10 17:46 ray

Prevent divide by zero when invalid Bounds arrays are encountered. Earlier
we allowed invalid Bounds to be compatible with Adobe, but did not supply
a non-zero denominator value. Fix required for ChineseOpera.ai

[src/gsfunc3.c 1.14]

2003-07-10 17:11 giles

Recognize the 0.3 source release jbig2dec.

[src/configure.ac 1.30]

2003-07-10 17:08 giles

Improve a comment in the generated gconfig_.h on unix.

[src/unix-aux.mak 1.10]

2003-07-10 02:56 ray

Add some casts to prevent excessive warnings when compiling C fonts with
MSVC 6. This only affects the syntax of the generated fonts.

[lib/font2c.ps 1.6]

2003-07-09 23:55 igor (details)

Fix: Cygwin/gcc warnings.

[src/gxtype1.c 1.26, src/zchar1.c 1.31]

2003-07-09 23:46 igor (details)

pdfwrite : Improving the font metrics handling.

[src/gdevpdtc.c 1.25, src/gdevpdte.c 1.40, src/gdevpdtt.c 1.51, src/gstype42.c 1.32, src/gxfcopy.c 1.30, src/gxtype1.c 1.25, src/ichar1.h 1.10, src/int.mak 1.114, src/zchar1.c 1.30, src/zfcid1.c 1.18]

2003-07-09 14:03 igor

Fixing a C++ style comment in fapi_ft.c.

[src/fapi_ft.c 1.10]

2003-07-08 21:03 giles

Don't redefine _Windows, since msvctail.mak passes it on the command line. Fixes a warning under
MSVC reported by Igor Melichev.

[src/iapi.h 1.10]

2003-07-08 17:31 giles

Use 'fontname' instead of 'name' as an argument to gp_enumerate_fonts_next()
to avoid a warning on MSVC. Thanks to Igor for pointing out the issue.

[src/gp.h 1.24, src/gp_dvx.c 1.10, src/gp_iwatc.c 1.15, src/gp_macio.c 1.24, src/gp_mswin.c 1.21, src/gp_os2.c 1.28, src/gp_os9.c 1.11, src/gp_unix.c 1.12, src/gp_vms.c 1.31, src/zfontenum.c 1.3]

2003-07-08 15:02 giles

Add dmmain.c to the list of (platform-specific) source files exempt from the C++ comment policy.

[toolbin/tests/check_comments.py 1.2]

2003-07-08 14:58 giles

Remove some C++ style comments.

[src/gsiomacres.c 1.4]

2003-07-08 14:56 giles

Remove some C++ style comments and correct formatting.

[src/zfontenum.c 1.2]

2003-07-08 14:51 giles

Add zfontenum.c to the file listing in the documentation.

[doc/Develop.htm 1.117]

2003-07-08 13:26 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Enlarge font resource arrays on demand.

[src/gdevpdtc.c 1.24, src/gdevpdtf.c 1.31, src/gdevpdtf.h 1.20]

2003-07-07 21:54 jack

Implement C++ style comment checking.  Partially fixes bug #538033.

[toolbin/tests/check_comments.py 1.1]

2003-07-07 21:53 jack

Require python2.2 now, since the new C++ style comment checking requires it.

[toolbin/tests/check_all.py 1.4, toolbin/tests/check_dirs.py 1.7, toolbin/tests/check_docrefs.py 1.8, toolbin/tests/check_source.py 1.6, toolbin/tests/dump_testdb 1.5, toolbin/tests/get_baselines 1.2, toolbin/tests/gscheck_all.py 1.4, toolbin/tests/gscheck_fuzzypdf.py 1.6, toolbin/tests/gscheck_pdfwrite.py 1.14, toolbin/tests/gscheck_raster.py 1.5, toolbin/tests/make_testdb 1.11, toolbin/tests/make_two_pdfversions 1.7, toolbin/tests/make_two_versions 1.11, toolbin/tests/revert_baseline 1.11, toolbin/tests/revert_pdfbaseline 1.9, toolbin/tests/run_nightly 1.19, toolbin/tests/run_regression 1.12, toolbin/tests/testdiff 1.3, toolbin/tests/update_baseline 1.12, toolbin/tests/update_pdfbaseline 1.8]

2003-07-04 19:31 giles (details)

Initial check in of the native font enumeration mechanism with an implementation for MacOS. The
code is currently disabled pending resolution of bugs regarding some font files.

[lib/gs_fonts.ps 1.33, src/gp.h 1.23, src/gp_dvx.c 1.9, src/gp_iwatc.c 1.14, src/gp_macio.c 1.23, src/gp_mswin.c 1.20, src/gp_os2.c 1.27, src/gp_os9.c 1.10, src/gp_unix.c 1.11, src/gp_vms.c 1.30, src/int.mak 1.113, src/zfontenum.c 1.1]

2003-07-04 15:08 giles

Apparently Metrowerks CodeWarrior defines _WINDOWS_ instead of the normal __WINDOWS__. Support both for determining the calling conventions of the client api. Problem reported by Des Courtney as bug 686934.

[src/iapi.h 1.9]

2003-07-04 13:02 giles

Add the new get_baselines script to the regression test documentation.

[doc/Testing.htm 1.20]

2003-07-03 12:20 igor (details)

Fix (Type 1 hinter) : -dAlignToPixels=0 was ignored with -dNOCACHE.

[src/gdevpsfx.c 1.21, src/gstype1.c 1.24, src/gstype1.h 1.7, src/gstype2.c 1.26, src/gxfcopy.c 1.29, src/gxhintn.c 1.28, src/gxhintn.h 1.13, src/gxtype1.c 1.24, src/gxtype1.h 1.13, src/zchar1.c 1.29]

2003-07-02 23:41 jack

Report upgraded baselines in the last 24 hours. Closes bug #654532.

[toolbin/tests/get_baselines 1.1, toolbin/tests/gscheck_raster.py 1.4, toolbin/tests/run_nightly 1.18, toolbin/tests/testing.cfg.example 1.3]

2003-07-02 14:35 giles

Change the release instructions to refer to GPL Ghostscript rather than GNU Ghostscript. We're no longer part of the GNU project. Closes bug 686913.

[doc/Release.htm 1.77]

2003-07-02 13:16 giles

Document passing -DGX_COLOR_INDEX_TYPE in unixansi.mak in response to the confusion reported in bug 686876.

[src/unixansi.mak 1.32]

2003-07-01 15:01 giles

Correct a bug with zero-length files in .findfontvalue, used by .findfonttype and .findfontname.

[lib/gs_fonts.ps 1.32, lib/gs_ttf.ps 1.31]

2003-07-01 14:41 giles

Document the need to set /OutputFile to a valid filename before calling 'setdevice' with the pdfwrite device. Closes bug 686784.

[doc/Language.htm 1.72]

2003-07-01 10:00 igor

Fix : merge Adobe Glyph List to gs/Resource/Decoding/Unicode.

[Resource/Decoding/Unicode 1.3]

2003-07-01 04:37 alexcher

Fix premature increment of a nested string counter.
Skip white space characters before '(' on 0 level.

[src/geninit.c 1.8]

2003-07-01 04:19 alexcher

Include default font map into compiled initialization files but use it only
if the default font map file fails to open at run time.
Fix bug 414985.

[lib/Fontmap 1.2, lib/gs_fonts.ps 1.31, doc/Make.htm 1.68]

2003-06-30 16:23 alexcher

Fix a typo in a comment.

[lib/gs_stres.ps 1.5]

2003-06-26 22:42 dan

Fix for 686927  Bug in implementation of .hsb2rgb (gs_cspace.ps).
This is a bug report, fix, and a test file from Heiko Oberdiek.
I love it when the bug reporter also includes an analysis, a fix and a
test file.  The problem was an error in the calculations for an HSB (hue,
saturation, brightness) color to RGB when the hue was 1.  The only change
that I made in Heiko's fix was to change a few more comments.

[lib/gs_cspace.ps 1.6]

2003-06-26 22:20 alexcher

PDF fonts can have different widths assigned to character codes corresponding
to the same glyph. There is no equivalent feature in PostScript. In this case
we define a new entry in CharString dictionary, and change Encoding vector and
Metrics accordingly. Currently the font adjustment is applied to Type1,
MMType1, and TrueType font resources as defined in adjustfonttypes dictionary.
Fixes bug 623292

[lib/pdf_font.ps 1.57, lib/pdf_ops.ps 1.30]

2003-06-26 15:59 alexcher

Don't oversample characters for rendering in non-pure color. Search the
character cache for the exact match -- don't do routine downsampling.
Move cached image depth calculations to compute_glyph_raster_params().
Fix downsampling depth calculation although it is not expected to be used
in normal operation. Leave the downsampling code intact because it is also
used for error recovery.
Fix bug 570772 from customer 1.

[src/gxccache.c 1.17, src/gxccman.c 1.8, src/gxchar.c 1.29]

2003-06-26 09:14 igor

Fix : Improving an error message.

[src/imain.c 1.32]

2003-06-24 10:57 igor

Fix : gs/Resource/Decoding/Unicode contained wrong codes for Cyrillic and Herbrew.

[Resource/Decoding/Unicode 1.2]

2003-06-22 11:15 igor

Fix (pdfwrite) : pdev->black and pdev->white were not set when ProcessColorModel changes.
Bug 686921 "/ProcessColorModel /DeviceCMYK causes black page".

[src/gdevpdfg.c 1.33]

2003-06-21 15:16 igor

Fix (pdfwrite) : Improving the condition for writing ToUnicode CMap for simple fonts.

[src/gdevpdte.c 1.39, src/gdevpdtw.c 1.19]

2003-06-21 12:12 igor

Fix : Remove LONG_MIN from gxfill.c for a better portability.

[src/gxfill.c 1.38]

2003-06-20 15:52 giles

Give the explicit maximum buffer size in bytes. Suggestion by Ray re bug

[doc/API.htm 1.35, doc/DLL.htm 1.31]

2003-06-20 14:32 giles

Document the 64 KB length limit on input data passed through the
gsapi_run_string* and gsdll_run_cont() calls. Fixes bug 686925.

[doc/API.htm 1.34, doc/DLL.htm 1.30]

2003-06-20 13:20 giles (details)

Remove  inclusions as it defines types that conflict with our
std*.h on HPUX and probably other systems. Fix for bug 686920.

Also correct the copyright dates for gxhintn.c.

[src/gxfill.c 1.37, src/gxhintn.c 1.27]

2003-06-20 11:23 giles

Declare zimage_data_setup() as private to match its prototype. Corrects
a warning on the HPUX native compiler.

[src/zimage.c 1.11]

2003-06-19 15:38 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : FontMatrix was wrong when a standard font is used
with various encodings.

[src/gdevpdtb.c 1.20, src/gdevpdtd.c 1.13, src/gdevpdtf.c 1.30, src/gdevpdtt.c 1.50, src/gxfcopy.c 1.28, src/gdevpdtb.h 1.9, src/gdevpdtf.h 1.19, src/gxfcopy.h 1.9]

2003-06-18 20:51 alexcher

Windows 2000 driver includes PJL into %%BeginFeature block.
Identify this from the operand stack pattern: countdictstack lucas mark
and fail the feature request.
Fix bug 686916

[lib/gs_init.ps 1.92]

2003-06-18 20:01 alexcher

Use single '%' in a comment.

[lib/gs_stres.ps 1.4]

2003-06-18 19:58 alexcher

Activate DSC parser only after all prologue files are read to
prevent spurious comments starting with '%%' from disturbing the parser.

[lib/gs_pdfwr.ps 1.34]

2003-06-18 19:56 alexcher

Fix mis-identificaion of every DSC-conforming file as EPS.

[src/gdevpdfp.c 1.32]

2003-06-18 19:53 alexcher

Add a paragraph documenting current page orientation options,
document limitations on ps2pdf options, and show a work-around.
Fixes bug 592930

[doc/Ps2pdf.htm 1.54]

2003-06-18 13:30 igor (details)

pdfwrite : Generate ToUnicode CMaps for CID fonts.

[src/gdevpdf.c 1.69, src/gdevpdtc.c 1.23, src/gdevpdte.c 1.38, src/zbfont.c 1.20]

2003-06-17 13:41 igor (details)

Fix (type 1 hinter) : Don't apply alignment zone to horizontal stems
when the shift is bigger than half pixel.

[src/gxhintn.c 1.26]

2003-06-17 12:10 giles

Clarify a comment.

[src/macos-mcp.mak 1.20]

2003-06-17 09:42 igor (details)

Implementing the text rendering mode 3 with graphics library
to allowing PDF interpreter with pdfwrite to pass invisible text (continued).

[src/gsstate.c 1.20, src/gxistate.h 1.16]

2003-06-16 15:04 igor (details)

Implementing the text rendering mode 3 with graphics library
to allowing PDF interpreter with pdfwrite to pass invisible text.

[src/gdevpdte.c 1.37, src/gdevpdtt.c 1.49, src/gsstate.h 1.9, src/gstext.c 1.12, src/int.mak 1.112, src/zchar.c 1.11, src/zgstate.c 1.8, lib/pdf_ops.ps 1.29]

2003-06-16 10:46 igor (details)

Fix : (type 1 interpreter) : ce1_setcurrentpoint was wrong (3nd attempt).

[src/gdevpsfx.c 1.20, src/gxhintn.c 1.25]

2003-06-11 19:49 igor (details)

Fix : (type 1 interpreter) : ce1_setcurrentpoint was wrong (2nd attempt).

[src/gdevpsfx.c 1.19, src/gxhintn.c 1.24]

2003-06-11 12:02 igor

Fix : Errors in a comment documenting gs_glyph.

[src/gsccode.h 1.11]

2003-06-11 01:35 giles

Print out modified file names and versions when generating the html changelog. Update the current
versions of Changes.html and Details.html as an example.

[doc/Changes.htm 1.47, doc/Details.htm 1.6]

2003-06-11 01:31 giles

Print out modified filenames and versions when generating the html changelog.

[toolbin/split_changelog.py 1.5]

2003-06-10 14:29 igor

Fix : (type 1 interpreter) : ce1_setcurrentpoint was wrong.

[src/gdevpsfx.c 1.18, src/gstype1.c 1.23]

2003-06-09 22:25 alexcher

Edited to reflect new capabilities of Bugzilla and current bug reporting

[doc/Bug-form.htm 1.37]

2003-06-09 22:16 alexcher

Change links from SourceForge bug tracker,
to Ghostscript Bugzilla, http://bugs.ghostscript.com
Fix bug #686888

[doc/Bug-info.htm 1.35, doc/Make.htm 1.67]

2003-06-09 21:55 alexcher

Add hyperlinks to Ghostscript Bugzilla bug entries.

[doc/Devices.htm 1.67, doc/Issues.htm 1.37, doc/Projects.htm 1.52]

2003-06-09 13:58 alexcher (details)

Permit explicit specification of /GDBytes equal to 0 for incrementally
downloadable CIDFonts.
Fixes bug 686890 from customer 131.

[src/zfcid.c 1.14]

2003-06-08 13:59 igor

Fix : Removing an unused code.

[src/gdevbit.c 1.8]

2003-06-08 03:30 igor (details)

Fix : Completing the extended semantics of gs_glyph.

[src/zfont42.c 1.16]

2003-06-07 21:17 igor (details)

pdfwrite : Write Encoding for True Type fonts.

[src/gdevpdtt.c 1.48]

2003-06-07 21:14 igor (details)

Fix (PDF interpreter) : Account Encoding while building CharStrings for TrueType fonts.

[lib/gs_ttf.ps 1.30, lib/pdf_font.ps 1.56]

2003-06-06 17:50 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Convert Type 0 fonts with multiple CID font descendents into
Type 0 fonts with single CID font descendents (the part 3).

[src/gdevdevn.c 1.7, src/gdevpdtc.c 1.22, src/gdevpdtd.c 1.12, src/gdevpdtf.c 1.29, src/gdevpdtt.c 1.47, src/gdevpsf.h 1.24, src/gdevpsft.c 1.30, src/gdevpsfu.c 1.11, src/gdevtrac.c 1.5, src/gsccode.h 1.10, src/gstype42.c 1.31, src/gxfcopy.c 1.27, src/gxfont42.h 1.15, src/zfcid1.c 1.17, src/zfont42.c 1.15]

2003-06-06 16:29 alexcher

Process encryption dictionary after reading all parts of xref. Old code
resolved encryption dictionary after reading the latest part of xref only
and returned null instead of the dictionary for some files.
Fixes bug 686907 from customer 1060.

[lib/pdf_main.ps 1.75]

2003-06-03 07:31 igor

pdfwrite : Don't add subset prefix when a font doesn't embeed.
Ghostscript Bug 686893  NeverEmbed for Japanese CID fonts doesn't work correctly
Patch from Koji Nakamaru.

[src/gdevpdtf.c 1.28]

2003-06-03 06:26 dan

Fix for 686785 segfault with PDF 1.4.  The PDF interpreter was calling
PDF 1.4 transparency features (begin_trasnparency_group) even though
the alpha involved was 1.0.  THe fix is to set a flag when the need
for transparency is done at the start of a page and then testing it
when transparency may be needed durng the page.

[lib/pdf_draw.ps 1.70, lib/pdf_main.ps 1.74]

2003-06-03 05:30 dan

This fix corrects a recursion loop that exists with PDF form objects
with a transparency group.

[lib/pdf_draw.ps 1.69]

2003-06-02 19:52 alexcher

Count 1st page objects as shared objects. This is the 1st version that
generates files compatible with AR5 used as a browser plug-in.
Earlier versions of Acrobat ignore malformed hint tables. All versions
ignore the tables when they read the file from disk.
Fixes bug 592841

[lib/pdfopt.ps 1.20]

2003-06-02 16:21 igor

pdfwrite : Glyph indices were wrongly computed with copied FontType 11.
Ghostscript Bug 686894 "Corrupted CMap".

[src/gxfcopy.c 1.26]

2003-06-02 13:35 giles

Add standard banner and (unnecessary) double include protection to satisfy policy tests.

[src/macos_carbon_pre.h 1.2]

2003-06-02 13:29 giles

Correct listing of MacOS platform-specific source files.

[doc/Develop.htm 1.116]

2003-05-31 00:10 ray

Previous commit was from a bad version of the file (prior to a local
correction in a different directory). This fix is the correct fix for
embedded fonts that have Length 0 for customer #590.

[lib/pdf_font.ps 1.55]

2003-05-30 23:28 ray

Some PDF files have embedded fonts with Length == 0. These should default
to the same handling as when there is no embedded font. Fix for customer

[lib/pdf_font.ps 1.54]

2003-05-29 19:28 giles

Add an example library client for MacOS, comparable to dxmain and dwmain for other platforms. This
implementation is specific to Metrowerk CodeWarrior, relying on the MSL/SIOUX stdio implementation
for the interactive window. No project file support at the moment.

Code contributed by Nigel Hathaway.

[src/dmmain.c 1.1, src/dmmain.r 1.1]

2003-05-29 19:11 giles (details)

Add a prefix header file for the MacOS Carbon build to enable target-specific settings.

[src/macgenmcpxml.sh 1.10, src/macos_carbon_pre.h 1.1]

2003-05-29 19:02 giles (details)

Check for a valid filter name before trying to parse jbig2 global context streams.
Fixes bug 686829.

[lib/pdf_base.ps 1.38]

2003-05-29 16:38 giles

Remove spurious '-c' options to install. Closes bug 686895.

[ijs/Makefile.in 1.2]

2003-05-27 16:10 alexcher

Initialize current color value as null when pattern color space is set.
Fixes bug 686805

[src/zpcolor.c 1.10]

2003-05-24 22:41 igor

Fix : Don't fail when GlyphNames2Unicode can't be provided for a CID font.

[lib/gs_fntem.ps 1.6]

2003-05-24 17:19 dan

A pair of fixes for Bug 686791   Device bitcmyk produces wrong output
The bitcmyk device produce the wrong output if GrayValues=8.  In this
case the pixel size is 32 bits.  The encode_color procedure was sign
extending the  MSB into the upper 32 bits of 64 bit gx_color_indexes.
The fix in gdevbit.c prevents this from happening.  The fix in gdevm32.c
makes it so that it does not matter.  I am including both for
completeness.  The bitcmyk device should not produce garbage in the
remaining bits.  Thus the first fix.  However there may be other
devices with this problem so I am including the fix in gdevm32.c.
There was a recent report from an AIX system with a similar problem

[src/gdevbit.c 1.7, src/gdevm32.c 1.5]

2003-05-23 09:57 igor

Provide a trial support for converting a text to Unicode.

[lib/gs_cidfn.ps 1.27, lib/gs_fntem.ps 1.5, lib/gs_fonts.ps 1.30, lib/gs_pdfwr.ps 1.33, src/gdevpdtc.c 1.21, src/zbfont.c 1.19]

2003-05-23 01:53 ray (details)

Stream 'position' was not update correctly under some conditions.
Fixes Bug #686859 for customer #600.

[src/stream.c 1.22]

2003-05-22 23:37 igor (details)

pdfwrite : Convert Type 0 fonts with multiple CID font descendents into
Type 0 fonts with single CID font descendents (part 2).

[src/gdevpdfv.c 1.26, src/gdevpdtc.c 1.20, src/gdevpdtf.c 1.27, src/gdevpdtf.h 1.18, src/gdevpdtt.c 1.46, src/gdevpdtt.h 1.17, src/zfcid0.c 1.20]

2003-05-22 22:57 giles

Double-equals ('==') for string comparison is not portable shell. Thanks
to Nelson Beebe for pointing out the issue.

[src/configure.ac 1.29]

2003-05-22 20:27 igor

Fix : Removed a debug hack.

[src/gsfcmap1.c 1.6]

2003-05-22 15:51 ray

PDF Forms that contained indirect objects need to be resolved prior to
processing with 'execform'. Bug #686884 for customer #150.

[lib/pdf_draw.ps 1.68]

2003-05-22 15:41 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Convert Type 0 fonts with multiple CID font descendents into
Type 0 fonts with single CID font descendents.

[src/gdevpdfm.c 1.31, src/gdevpdfv.c 1.25, src/gdevpdtb.c 1.19, src/gdevpdtc.c 1.19, src/gdevpdtf.c 1.26, src/gdevpdtf.h 1.17, src/gdevpdtt.c 1.45, src/gdevpdtt.h 1.16, src/gdevpdtw.c 1.18, src/gdevpdtw.h 1.3, src/gdevpsf.h 1.23, src/gdevpsfm.c 1.14, src/gsfcmap.c 1.22, src/gxfcmap.h 1.15, src/zcidtest.c 1.3]

2003-05-22 06:02 igor (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Removing the 'vdata' argument to simplify internal interfaces.

[src/gdevpdtc.c 1.18, src/gdevpdte.c 1.36, src/gdevpdtt.c 1.44, src/gdevpdtt.h 1.15]

2003-05-21 17:50 giles

Bump version number after the 8.10 release.

[doc/News.htm 1.130, lib/gs_init.ps 1.91, src/gscdef.c 1.36, src/version.mak 1.63]

Version 8.10 (2003-05-21)

The 8.10 release is an incremental release from 8.00. It contains some fairly substantial reworking of important modules, most notably in the font rendering. Because of the extent of the changes, we're labelling this as a beta release. It should be quite usable, but it hasn't been as thoroughly wrung out as our production releases.

The major new feature improved font rendering by Igor Melichev. The new font renderer prevents dropouts intelligently rather than relying on "fill_adjust" (which has the side effect of making the font bolder).

In addition, pdfwrite continues to evolve and improve. Most patterns and type 3 fonts are now output as high-level objects rather than being rasterized.

This is our first release with support for JBIG2 encoded images, using our jbig2dec library. This decoder is not yet complete, but successfully decodes many PDF files containing JBIG2 images.

This release also contains an important security fix. If you are using Ghostscript in a security-critical application, we recommend you upgrade now.

Finally, we include the usual bug fixes and improvements. Please exercise this release thoroughly, so we can make the next release rock-solid.

The following bugs.ghostscript.com numbers were open at the time of this release:

405501, 406273, 414947, 414985, 430175, 446344, 456692, 458261, 458775, 458780, 459647, 463688, 465936, 487460, 487953, 493348, 505429, 509829, 526099, 526491, 530011, 535366, 535752, 535932, 538033, 542629, 553187, 555072, 558151, 558435, 563287, 570772, 572865, 578838, 578865, 592160, 592837, 592841, 592930, 595760, 600288, 601336, 602263, 603934, 604722, 605830, 607425, 607850, 610478, 611898, 614298, 617077, 617523, 621267, 623292, 624515, 626059, 626295, 628110, 629335, 633299, 634036, 634358, 636210, 637850, 645316, 651644, 654532, 656414, 656510, 664484, 667301, 669654, 674241, 674390, 674417, 674418, 677324, 677383, 677430, 677573, 680301, 681469, 684778, 684866, 685335, 686746, 686747, 686750, 686752, 686768, 686770, 686777, 686778, 686779, 686782, 686784, 686785, 686788, 686789, 686791, 686796, 686803, 686805, 686813, 686815, 686816, 686817, 686819, 686821, 686822, 686823, 686824, 686827, 686829, 686833, 686834, 686837, 686839, 686841, 686842, 686843, 686844, 686845, 686850, 686852, 686853, 686859, 686860, 686861, 686863, 686865, 686867, 686869, 686871, 686873, 686876, 686877, 686878, 686880, 686881.

Incompatible changes

The mechanism for locating resources has changed. See the usage documentation for details of the new mechanism.


2003-05-21 00:17 Ralph Giles

Correct additional header dependency errors.

2003-05-20 23:50 Ralph Giles (details)

Update changelog and history files for the 8.10 release.

2003-05-20 23:29 Ralph Giles

Some browsers don't like '--' in the body of an html comment.

2003-05-20 22:58 Ralph Giles (details)

Add a missing header dependency.

2003-05-20 21:30 Ralph Giles

Our bug tracker is now at ghostscript.com.

2003-05-20 21:06 Ralph Giles

Add release notes written by Raph Levien.

2003-05-20 20:16 Ralph Giles

Update open bug list for release.

2003-05-20 20:06 Ralph Giles

Add a missing dependendency definition.

2003-05-20 19:55 Ralph Giles

Propagate version number and release date to the documentation.

2003-05-20 19:52 Ralph Giles

Update libpng version to reflect the current release.

2003-05-20 19:48 Ralph Giles

Update version number and date for 8.10 release.

2003-05-20 18:59 Ralph Giles

Document the location of the jbig2dec releases on sourceforge in the build documentation.

2003-05-20 18:44 Ralph Giles

Bump the 'known-good' versions for the jbig2 makefile to include the 0.3 release.

2003-05-20 18:40 Ralph Giles

Include an RCS Id line in the generated html changelog files.

2003-05-20 13:46 Alex Cherepanov

Work around 64K limit in a few probable places.
Fixes bug 611727

2003-05-20 12:46 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Merge the Encoding of the 'complete' font copy when merging fonts.

2003-05-20 09:10 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : 'loca' was wrong in some cases embedding a TT font subset.

2003-05-19 06:18 Dan Coby

Add a warning message if the rebuilding logic found two or more objects
with the same object numbers and the same generation numbers.

2003-05-19 05:20 Dan Coby (details)

1.  Ignore data after %%EOF whicl scanning for objects or trailer.
2.  Allow objects with duplicate object and generation numbers.
3.  Change heuristic for finding the trailer dictionary.

2003-05-19 01:15 Ray Johnston (details)

The TrueType font loading was quite a bit slower than it should be. This
optimized font loader is up to ten times faster. Fixes bug #686851.

2003-05-18 05:03 Alex Cherepanov

PostScript is a trademark and requires BiCapitalization.

2003-05-17 05:46 Ray Johnston

Security fixes. Add detection of %pipe% device when in SAFER mode. Also
fix detection of 'renamefile' to prevent rename from a file that is not on
the PermitFileControl list.

2003-05-17 05:40 Ray Johnston

Fix to prevent Windows function from creating file names like (xxx/\\yyy).
If there is a trailing path sep, GetTempFileName needs it to be \, not /.
Also remove extraneous ^M from previous commit.

2003-05-16 14:49 Ralph Giles (details)

Correct the implementation of the new file_name_combine operators for MacOS.

2003-05-16 12:55 Alex Cherepanov

Fix uninitialized variable in gp_open_scratch_file() when the temporary 
file prefix is an absolute path.
Fixes bug 686874

2003-05-16 12:48 Alex Cherepanov

Disable binary encoding. PDF doesn't use binary encoding and may
contain characters in the range 128 to 159 in names.
Fixes bug 686866

2003-05-16 12:41 Alex Cherepanov

Wild core returned sometimes as an error code from pdf_image_end_image_data()
caused unexpected PS error and a low level stacks dump.
Fixes bug 686870.

2003-05-15 23:10 Dan Coby

Added new PS source file lib/pdf_rbld.ps.  This module contains procedures
for rebuilding damaged PDF files.

2003-05-15 23:06 Dan Coby

Added new PS source file lib/pdf_rbld.ps.  This module contains procedures
for rebuilding damaged PDF files.

2003-05-15 22:31 Dan Coby (details)

This is a set of routines for attempting to recover PDF files which
have been mangled by EOL conversions.  This is a facility which Adobe
Acrobat has and thus we need to duplicate.

2003-05-15 22:25 Dan Coby (details)

Revised fix for 686872 token operator sometimes leaves extra data on stack.
With some strings, the token operator can leave extra data on the stack.
In the test case, the token operator is generating a syntaxerror.  The
error is expected.  However the token operator is leaving 3 items on the
stack.  It should only leave one:  The original string.  This fix
corrects the problem.

2003-05-15 18:46 Alex Cherepanov

Fix negative shift count in operator << .
On 80x86 processors the shift argument is implicitely masked by 31.
Fixes bug #686743.

2003-05-15 16:59 Ralph Giles

Add the psd (Photoshop raster) output devices to the default autoconf build.

2003-05-15 10:01 Russell Lang (details)

Log message:
For the pngalpha device, set the default background color to white
in the bKGD chunk.  Add an option -dBackgroundColor=16#RRGGBB to
explicitly set the background color.  This is needed by a common
web browser that doesn't correctly support PNG with alpha transparency.

2003-05-15 03:25 Dan Coby (details)

Fix for 686872 token operator sometimes leaves extra data on stack.
With some strings, the token operator can leave extra data on the stack.
In the test case, the token operator is generating a syntaxerror.  The
error is expected.  However the token operator is leaving 3 items on the
stack.  It should only leave one:  The original string.  This fix
corrects the problem.

2003-05-14 13:36 Alex Cherepanov

Following PDF spec make MatrixA equal to WhitePoint of CalGray color 
space. To avoud clipping set the max values of RangeLMN to the
corresponding values of WhitePoint.
Fixes bug 686749

2003-05-12 12:21 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : margin_set::y was not initialized starting a fill (2nd attempt).

2003-05-11 13:59 Alex Cherepanov (details)

Linearized PDF hints are rewritten as following:
(1) added shared object hint table
(2) added padding after every per-page entry in hint tables
(3) changed the values of some entries
Fixed a PS error in PDF files with empty /Contents array.
Added a check for encrypted PDF.
Fixes bug #611694.

2003-05-11 13:33 Alex Cherepanov

Add missing quote to an error message.

2003-05-09 00:43 Ralph Giles

Replace generic always-on debug printfs with if_debugN() calls. To get
the old behavior, pass -Zs to the debug build.

2003-05-09 00:41 Ralph Giles

Correct a cut-and-paste error in FEATURE_DEVS.

2003-05-08 21:49 Raph Levien

Workaround to clean up after a PaintProc which leaves additional
garbage on the operator stack. Fixes bug #686855.

2003-05-08 18:32 Ralph Giles

Add the standard copyright banner and $Id line to the new changelog script.

2003-05-08 18:28 Ralph Giles

Add recent new files to the developer documentation.

2003-05-08 11:04 Igor Melichev

Fix (type 1 hinter) : Overshoot thresholds were wrongly computed with TextAlphaBits > 1.

2003-05-08 10:33 Russell Lang

When enumerating files on Windows, do not return directory
names.  Partial fix for Bug 686853  filenameforall enumerates
directory items.

2003-05-08 09:57 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : margin_set::y was not initialized starting a fill.

2003-05-08 08:16 Igor Melichev

Fix : gx_path::procs was not initialized in some cases.

2003-05-08 04:23 Igor Melichev (details)

pdfwrite : Don't write colors to charproc.

2003-05-07 22:12 Dan Coby (details)

Fix for 686857 bitcmyk has problems with -dBITS=2.  This fix corrects
a problem with the halftone calculations if the number of bits per
component is more than one and the process color model is subtractive.

2003-05-07 16:37 Ray Johnston

Add some Document structuring commands to improve conformance. Thanks to
HF Nordhaug for submitting these.

2003-05-07 12:55 Ralph Giles

Prefer the more modern __VMS platform define for including inttypes.h.

2003-05-07 11:31 Ralph Giles

Include inttypes.h on VMS. This provides the stdint types needed by jbig2dec,
at least on OpenVMS. After a patch from Jouk Jansen.

2003-05-06 20:50 Alex Cherepanov

dumphint is a new utility to print (to stdout) linearized PDF hint tables in
an easy-to-read form. The following deviations from the published
specification has been observed in PDF files produced by Acrobat suite
of products.

(1) /P (page offset hint table) key in hint stream dictionary has never been
    generated by Adobe products. It is no longer required in PDF 1.5.
(2) Per-page items 4 and 5 of the page offset hint table start from 1st
    page, not 2nd page as the spec claims.
(3) All array entries start from the new byte boundary.

2003-05-06 10:38 Jouk Jansen

 Committing in .

 jbig2 support for OpenVMS using MMK

 Modified Files:
 	gs/src/jbig2.mak gs/src/openvms.mmk

2003-05-06 10:05 Igor Melichev (details)

pdfwrite : Don't convert type 1 patterns and type 3 fonts to rasters.

2003-05-06 08:50 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : Pattern phase was wrongly computed for pattern stream accumulation (2nd attempt).

2003-05-06 03:51 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : Pattern phase was wrongly computed for pattern stream accumulation.

2003-05-05 12:57 Igor Melichev (details)

Free Type Integration : commit an improved bridge.

2003-05-05 11:53 Igor Melichev

Fix : Add the static resource gs/Decoding/StandardEncoding .

2003-05-05 11:50 Igor Melichev

Initial commit for a minimal set of resources for CID font emulation, FAPI and pdfwrite .

2003-05-05 09:08 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (file_name_combine) : Check .tempfile permissions.

2003-05-04 22:01 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (AlignToPixels) : Provide a better stem contrast.

2003-05-04 20:06 Ralph Giles (details)

Correct a programming error that prevented macos native font loading from working
under Metrowerks Codewarrior.

2003-05-04 10:19 Igor Melichev

Fix (AlignToPixels) : Rounding formulas for glyph positions were wrong.

2003-04-30 20:02 Igor Melichev

Fix : FONTPATH was broken with lib/gs_fonts.ps revisions 1.17 and 1.25 .

2003-04-30 10:34 Russell Lang (details)

If reopening the display device fails after setting the
callback, display an error message. Allocate the large display
bitmap using a low level allocator to avoid exceeding the memory
limit of the previously used device stable memory allocator.
Fixes bugs 686836 "-r doesn't work" and duplicate 686838
"Ghostscript doesn't do anything".

2003-04-30 01:11 Ray Johnston

Add a an option to disable the use of and embedded BeginICCProfile in
PostScript. The option is -dNOPSICC. Documentation is also added for
the option.

2003-04-29 22:50 Ralph Giles

Enable jbig2 support in the default windows build. The jbig2dec source is now required.

2003-04-27 23:46 Ralph Giles

Add the bbox device to the default macos shlib build. Bug 686811.

2003-04-26 18:40 Dan Coby (details)

Log Message:

This is the fix for 686798 /typecheck in --setcolorspace-- with
-sDEVICE=x11cmyk. This fix increases the stack checking while sampling
tint transform functions. It also makes the error handling more robust
for invalid tint transforms.

2003-04-26 18:28 Alex Cherepanov

Fix scanline size calculations and channel mix-up.

2003-04-26 17:05 Igor Melichev

Complete the set of Adobe CMaps.

2003-04-26 04:52 Alex Cherepanov (details)

Following PDF 1.4, chapter 4.6.2 pattern is instantiated in the graphic state
harvested at the beginning of the pattern's parent content stream. This patch
fixes PS graphic state parameters only. PDF specific parameters are still
inherited from the current graphic state.
Bug #686834

2003-04-24 19:42 Ray Johnston

Fix ASCII85Decode filter to match Adobe's when strings that are not multiples
of four are padded with other than zero. Tested against CPSI for exact match.
Also overflow error detection added to conform to the PLRM and CPSI.
Fixes bug #686840.

2003-04-24 06:37 Ray Johnston (details)

Add processing of %%BeginICCProfile DSC section for (some) EPS file, notably
Adobe Photoshop. Final part of fix for bug 686797.

2003-04-24 06:20 Ray Johnston

Get rid of some dead code (left over from cut+paste)

2003-04-23 18:47 Ray Johnston

The DeviceN merge broke the command line -dUseCIEColor option. This patch
restores basic CMYK color conversion when -dUseCIEColor is set. Partial
solution to bug #686797.

2003-04-23 15:58 Ralph Giles

Remove some debug printouts.

2003-04-22 13:52 Igor Melichev (details)

Applying the generic stream accumulation method to /BP pdfmark.

2003-04-21 15:39 Igor Melichev (details)

A preparation for non-convert PatternType 1 to rasters with pdfwrite.

2003-04-18 22:00 Russell Lang

In the display device, store the line pointers separately from
the bits, so that the bits can be placed in special memory (e.g.
allocated in video memory).  Fixes Bug 686780 display_memalloc()
asks for too much memory.

2003-04-18 18:19 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Applying a generic resource writing method to charprocs.

2003-04-18 14:57 Ralph Giles

Calling the gsapi polling function from the Macintosh gp_check_interrupts
function voilates the layering of the interpreter over the graphics library.
Therefore we isolate the offending code to a separate module 'macpoll.dev'
in a fashion analogous to the mspoll feature dev available on the windows
build. Enable this by default in the CodeWarrior build.
Partial fix for Bug 686810. After a patch by Russell Lang.

2003-04-18 14:33 Ralph Giles

Use different output file names for the Classic and Carbon MacOS shlib targets.
Closes bug 686818.

2003-04-18 14:16 Igor Melichev

Complete the set of Adobe CMaps.

2003-04-18 01:18 Russell Lang

Call the gsapi polling function from the Macintosh gp_check_interrupts
function. Partial fix for Bug 686810 "CHECK_INTERRUPTS should allow
shorter worst-case abort".

2003-04-17 09:24 Russell Lang (details)

Call the gsapi polling function during the main interpreter loop
timeslice code.  This allows a client to abort the interpreter
when running "{} loop". Fixes Bug 686810 "CHECK_INTERRUPTS
should allow shorter worst-case abort".

2003-04-17 00:49 Ralph Giles

Remove a C99 snprintf() call. In this case the length is limited by the format string.

2003-04-17 00:46 Ralph Giles

Remove two non-library files from the jbig2 makefile.

2003-04-17 00:42 Raph Levien

Added documentation of UseWTS user parameter.

2003-04-17 00:33 Ralph Giles (details)

Define HAVE_STDINT_H in stdpre.h on MacOS. Required for a clean compile
under CodeWarrior.

2003-04-17 00:23 Ralph Giles

Enable jbig2 support in the MacOS CodeWarrior build, and add the local
library source to the search path. jbig2dec is now required for this build.

2003-04-16 23:32 Ralph Giles

Protect some defines that conflict with constants in stdint.h.

2003-04-16 16:37 Ralph Giles

Correct some typos.

2003-04-16 14:09 Ralph Giles

Add a license paragraph for the Resource directory asserting the AFPL with
an exception for the Adobe-owned CMap files.

2003-04-16 13:54 Ralph Giles (details)

Test the optimization compiler flag '-O2' before using it since some vendor
compilers have different syntax.

2003-04-16 13:38 Ralph Giles

JBIG2 code in the interpreter and stream library requires an -I argument
to find the jbig2dec headers when compiling with local source.

2003-04-16 08:31 Igor Melichev

Complete the set of Adobe CMaps.

2003-04-15 18:43 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Compress charproc streams.

2003-04-15 14:36 Ralph Giles

Add new jbig2dec makefile and supporting defines to remaining platform-dependent makefiles.

2003-04-15 14:12 Ralph Giles

Add support for compiling in libjbig2dec statically from source. This makefile
is only good for v0.2.

2003-04-14 21:15 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Use cos_write_stream for charproc accumulation.

2003-04-13 23:14 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (dropout prevention) : sfill was unintentionally slowed down.

2003-04-12 22:04 Russell Lang

Add Resource directory to the lib path configured by the Windows installer.

2003-04-12 18:08 Ray Johnston

Create more specific DEBUG switches in the interpreter initialization
modules to allow debugging to only include information of interest.
If -dDEBUG is set, then set all of the specific switches.

2003-04-12 17:39 Ralph Giles (details)

Add the new Resource directory tree to the unix install target.

2003-04-12 13:28 Russell Lang

Add Resource directory to Windows installer.
Update copyright dates.
Exclude file attributes (ACLs) from the zip archives.

2003-04-11 21:47 Ralph Giles

Correctly dereference the arguments to the sort compare function used in the
device listing. This was incorrect in the previous commit.

2003-04-11 17:55 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : Increasing the text alpha bits thresholds.
Bug 686775 "Large text is not anti-aliased".

2003-04-11 17:54 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Generate pseudo-random font names for subset fonts
from the glyph usage array.
Bug 686807 A "subset fonts" error in Adobe Acrobat from files made by GS8.00

2003-04-11 11:05 Ralph Giles

Add the new default resource directory to the autoconf makefile.

2003-04-11 10:56 Igor Melichev

Fix : Remove an unintentional rudiment of a debug printing.

2003-04-11 09:36 Igor Melichev (details)

Turn on the static resources with COMPILE_INIT=1.

2003-04-11 09:30 Igor Melichev (details)

Switching to the new logics of resource file location.
THIS IS INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE, because the default resource path is now different :
resource files are moved to gs/Resource .
See gs/doc/Use.htm#Finding_files and gs/doc/Use.htm#Resource_related_parameters.

2003-04-11 07:59 Igor Melichev

Initial commit for a minimal set of resources for CID font emulation, FAPI and pdfwrite .

2003-04-11 07:56 Igor Melichev

Initial commit for a minimal set of resources for CID font emulation, FAPI and pdfwrite .

2003-04-11 07:48 Igor Melichev

Removing it because it appears in a wrong place of the directory tree.

2003-04-11 07:46 Igor Melichev

Initial commit for a minimal set of resources for CID font emulation, FAPI and pdfwrite .

2003-04-11 07:40 Igor Melichev

Removing it because it appears in a wrong place of the directory tree.

2003-04-11 07:33 Igor Melichev

Initial commit for a minimal set of resources for CID font emulation, FAPI and pdfwrite .

2003-04-10 22:22 Ralph Giles

MSVC (at least) requires void* be cast. Also remove a spurious comment.

2003-04-10 22:11 Ralph Giles

Sort the list of devices in the output of 'gs -h' so they're easier to read.
Also list the default device separately as it's no longer first. Based on a
patch from Nelson Beebe. Closes bug 416746.

2003-04-10 19:03 Ray Johnston

Tolerate %%EOF that doesn't have any line-end characters before the end
of the file. No other applications (AR5, xpdf, pdf-tools) complain about
this, so now we also allow this variation on the %%EOF line.

Fixes bug: 686793

2003-04-10 18:45 Alex Cherepanov (details)

Use fstat() function to determine whether the file is seekable.
This should work on all supported platforms and seems to be the only way
to get the file type using a MSVC CRTL function.
Bug #686773

2003-04-10 16:39 Alex Cherepanov

Use standard sRGB CRD. Fix color cast in the light areas caused
by chromatic adaptation done in the wrong (RGB) color space.
Bug #650802

2003-04-10 13:49 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : Generate a page when input file has no pages.
Bug 686792 "Empty PS file generates produces invalid PDF".

2003-04-10 11:58 Igor Melichev

Fix : Ignore a missed CMapType, because Adobe does so.
Bug 686800 "Error converting PostScript file with vertical Japanese text".

2003-04-10 09:10 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : The monitoring of fill overprint parameter was not conforming to PDF 1.3, 1.4 spec.
Bug 686802 "Stroke Overprint lost making PDF".

2003-04-09 23:26 Ralph Giles

Update the release instructions to use cvs2cl and the new split_changelog.
Also include Changes and Details files for differences up to this point as
an example of the new format.

2003-04-09 22:58 Ralph Giles (details)

Add news script to generate split abbreviated/detailed changelogs in the new
format. Accepts xml input from the cvs2cl perl script.

2003-04-09 18:57 Igor Melichev

Fix : Ignore a small noise skewing in the character caching criterion.

2003-04-09 18:47 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (type1 hinter) : The overshoot suppressing code was wrong.
Bug 686812 "Incorrect font rendering for Zapfino ampersand".

2003-04-08 18:49 Dan Coby

The previous change removing the spotrgb device missed src/Makefile.in.
This change corrects that omission.

2003-04-08 17:01 Raph Levien

Fix: Restores logic to improve shading quality, which was clobbered in
DeviceN merge.

2003-04-08 16:42 Igor Melichev (details)

pdfwrite : Don't convert Type 3 fonts to raster fonts.

2003-04-08 16:31 Igor Melichev (details)

pdfwrite : Don't convert Type 3 fonts to raster fonts.

2003-04-08 13:59 Ralph Giles (details)

Initial commit of native MacOS font loading. This implements a %macresource% iodevice for
retrieving data from the 'resource' structure associated with MacOS files, either directly from
the resource fork, or from a serialized data fork resource file. This is primarily used to access
font data on that platform. Resource fork access is only supported on MacOS, while data fork files
(e.g. .dfont format font files) can be read on any platform. This code is currently disabled.

2003-04-08 12:38 Ralph Giles

Initialize the legacy global pgsdll_callback to NULL to avoid problems
if it isn't properly set. Part of bug 686768.

2003-04-08 12:17 Ralph Giles

Avoid calling a null pgsdll_callback, as can happen with the new client api
and CHECK_INTERRUPTS. This fix affects only MacOS, similar protections are
already in place for other platforms. Also return EOFC in the mac stdio
stream process if no callback is defined. Closes bug 686768.

2003-04-08 05:04 Dan Coby

Implementation of the SeparationOrder parameter.  This implementation
is only applicable for the spotcmyk and devicen devices.  This change
also removes the uuused spotrgb device.

2003-04-04 17:10 Ralph Giles

Correct documenation change: -dAdjustWidth is on by default.

2003-04-03 16:42 Raph Levien

Fix: Make the pdf 'q' operator not affect the current path, in conformance
with the PDF spec. Fixes SF #596009.

2003-04-03 13:54 Ralph Giles

Document that setpagedevice keys can reset the effects of pdfmark commands.
Closes bug 645677.

2003-04-03 13:34 Jouk Jansen

 Committing in .

 for new file syntax on OpenVMS
 added the  case for prefix=***] and filename=-*****

 Modified Files:

2003-04-03 13:28 Ralph Giles

Fix documentation for -dAdjustWidth. This parameter takes a integer rather
that an boolean as was stated. Closes bug 538033.

2003-04-02 23:45 Alex Cherepanov

Fix a typo causing "/typecheck in restore" in documents with /Threads .
Bug #611701

2003-04-02 21:43 Ralph Giles (details)

Remove the non-HAVE_STDINT_H non-win32 attempts to define stdint types
and related sys/types redefine hacks. Also warn in the configure script
if stdint.h is not found.

2003-04-01 20:18 Alex Cherepanov

On some devices the initial page size is rounded up but page size is
rounded to the nearest pixel when set by setpagedevice. Changing default
page size to match the setpagedevice. Bug #686795

2003-03-29 00:55 Alex Cherepanov

Multi-target rule that generates all of the targets at once was executed for
every target obsoleting some of the files generated earlier and causing
recompilation. Replace the multi-target rule with a single-target rule and
make the target a prerequisite of the remaining targets; use empty command to
disable default build rules. Bug #685341.

2003-03-28 20:15 Ray Johnston (details)

Prevent UMRs and when an image3x type image only has one of the possible
two masks. Hangs or data garbling could result. Related to bug #686782.

2003-03-27 21:10 Ray Johnston (details)

Improve previous patch to work from within encapsulated job framework.

2003-03-27 20:55 Ray Johnston

Use the systemdict version of "quit" from gs_main_finit so that we can still
quit if /quit has been redefined. Bug #686783. Analysis by Raph Levien.

2003-03-27 14:20 Igor Melichev (details)

pdfwrite : The old code copied parameters of PS interpreter's graphic state
to the output PDF. However some of them are installation dependent and must not copy.
THIS IS AN INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE : the generated PDFs will render some differently
on printers.

2003-03-27 01:09 Ray Johnston

Improve .copyparam to handle arrays as well as strings, preserving the
'executable' status of arrays. Fixes bug #647685.

2003-03-26 13:27 Igor Melichev

Fix : A bug processing an error in .schedule_init .

2003-03-26 13:08 Igor Melichev (details)

Ignore pdfmark if the output device isn't pdfwrite.
If an user changes the output device to pdfwrite dynamically,
he should specify PDFSETTINGS in command line to enforce
the pdfwrite initialization when GS starts up.
Perhaps it's a seldom case.

2003-03-26 11:54 Igor Melichev

Fixing some compiler warnings (unused variables, etc.).

2003-03-25 21:18 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Provide a complete monitoring of the viewer's graphic state
while generating a PDF output. The old code misses the synchronization
of the viewer's graphic state with its internal copy when generating
a 'grestore' command to undo a clipping.
Bug 686763 "pdfwrite is not correctly handling OPM distiller parameter".

2003-03-25 21:13 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : 'write_range' was buggy (inconsistent) since zfont42.c rev.1.11 (17 Jan 2003).

2003-03-24 15:41 Ralph Giles

Add rasterdb.py to the documentation file index.

2003-03-24 10:00 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : The recent patch for the bug 653140 changed the font embedding condition
with too narrow one. Restoring it to the old one.

2003-03-24 00:50 Jack Moffitt

Implements raster database to store and retrieve cached baseline rasters.

2003-03-24 00:31 Jack Moffitt

Fixes a bug where baselines weren't being reverted if they already existed.

2003-03-23 23:59 Jack Moffitt

Added emacs mode lines to python files without extensions.

2003-03-22 18:24 Ralph Giles (details)

Define some of the C99 stdint types in the common stdpre.h. This is
required for libjbig2 integration.

2003-03-22 12:47 Igor Melichev

Fix (CFF parser) : Warn and ingore missed tables instead giving up.
Bug 686772 "PDf file breaks in ghostscript works on other PDF rips".

2003-03-21 19:14 Igor Melichev (details)

pdfwrite : Fixing the bug 653140 "use NeverEmbed to restrict CIDFont embedding"

2003-03-21 10:17 Igor Melichev (details)

file_name_combine : Improve the choice of the default GenericResourceDir.

2003-03-20 22:10 Alex Cherepanov

Remove -dNODISPLAY flag from ps2ps.bat because nothing is generated
when the flag is set. There's no -dNODISPLAY flag in UNIX or OS/2
versions. Fixes bug #686776

2003-03-20 20:27 Alex Cherepanov (details)

Check i/o errors in PS and EPS generation drivers. Return ioerror soon
after the error is encountered in the output stream.
Fixes bug #686741

2003-03-20 20:11 Alex Cherepanov (details)

Check i/o errors in PS and EPS generation drivers. Return ioerror soon
after the error is encountered in the output stream.
Fixes bug #686741

2003-03-20 16:10 Igor Melichev

Fix (file_name_combine) : The operator .file_name_combine returned a read-only string.

2003-03-20 15:22 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : When advance width has non-zero y component, the width was set to zero.
Bug 686764 "Overlapping characters".

2003-03-20 09:29 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : While embedding a font, prefer font name to key name.
It conserves original font names and allows derived fonts to merge.

2003-03-18 01:29 Ralph Giles

Add the new pngalpha device to the default autoconf build.

2003-03-17 09:54 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : Unwinding another part of the previous patch
which wrote a wrong numLongMetrics.

2003-03-16 20:50 Igor Melichev

Fix : Increasing the threshould for the dropout prevention invocation.

2003-03-16 20:07 Igor Melichev

Fix (file_name_combine) : A bug in gs_fapi.ps .

2003-03-15 08:09 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Unwinding a part of the previous patch
and improve the OS/2 table writing ann embedded CIDFontType2.
Bugzilla Bug 686759 "pdf to pdf doesnt work".

2003-03-14 11:55 Ralph Giles

Correct a typo in a help string.

2003-03-14 11:36 Ralph Giles

Correct a serious error in the bmp file padding method. Also convert all error
output to stdout from stderr since we no longer output the diff image to stdout.
Patch from Igor Melichev.

2003-03-14 01:55 Ralph Giles

The code for writing the BMP header made assumptions about struct
packing and was not portable. Replace the previous code with a method
that writes fields one at a time. Also, since fseek() is reported not to
work beyond the end of the written file, pad out the length of the image
data section so we can fill in the rows in proper bottom-to-top order.

Note that the bmp output code does not convert RGB to BGR; this is not
critical as the output is only used for hilighting differences.

Closes bug #686739.

2003-03-14 00:10 Ralph Giles (details)

Replace the win32-specific code for seeking with a generic version.
Partial fix for bug #686739.

2003-03-13 19:11 Dan Coby

Fix for 686740 PDF file causes gs8 to core dump.  The test file
uses PDF transparency.  This is a PDF 1.4 feature however the file
header says %PDF1.3.  The implementing code has tests for PDF
version 1.4 before it tests for transparency features.  The fix
simply lowers the test level to 1.3.

2003-03-13 12:54 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Never write cmap embedding a CIDFontType2.
Bugzilla Bug 686759 "pdf to pdf doesnt work".

2003-03-12 12:22 Igor Melichev (details)

file_name_combine :
1. Always search command line argument files in (.) .
2. Throw invalidfileaccess from .libfile .
3. Always check permissions with reduced file names.
4. Ignore "./" prefixes in permission lists, except for (./*) .

This patch should not not change behavior with regular build.

2003-03-12 11:16 Jouk Jansen

 Committing in .

 pngalpha device added also to the OpenVMS make file for MMK
 (same change was already made for gmake in openvms.mak)

 Modified Files:

2003-03-12 07:24 Jouk Jansen

 Committing in .

 update VMS file-format writing

 Modified Files:

2003-03-11 11:36 Russell Lang (details)

Add pngalpha device that uses RGBA, with the alpha channel
providing pixel coverage.  Used for generating PNG images with a
transparent background.

2003-03-11 11:13 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : setweightvector did not set the copy of WeightVector in gs_type1_data_s.
Bug #686753 "Wrong Display of Multiple Master Fonts".

2003-03-10 13:08 Jouk Jansen

 Committing in .

 Oops... I made a typo in the version of 1 hour before this.

 Modified Files:

2003-03-10 10:56 Jouk Jansen

 Committing in .

 corrected VMS file syntax.

 Modified Files:

2003-03-10 07:36 Igor Melichev (details)

file_name_combine : (1) Implement the extended search method in resourceforall,
resourcestatus, ResourceFileName. (2) Don't check permissions for command line argument files.

2003-03-07 14:57 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (file_name_combine) : Improving the OpenVMS path syntax.

2003-03-07 14:21 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (file_name_combine) : Renaming no_neighbour with no_sibling.

2003-03-07 11:12 Igor Melichev

Fix (file_name_combine) : Improving the file path syntax for OS/2, DOS and Windows.

2003-03-07 00:48 Dan Coby (details)

Fix for #686755 sgirgb device.  The sgirgb device would produce compiler
errors if included in version 8.00 or later.

2003-03-06 16:01 Igor Melichev (details)

file_name_combine : Removing a rudiment of old code.

2003-03-06 13:53 Igor Melichev (details)

file_name_combine : Implementing new command line arguments:
-sGenericResourceDir= and -sFontResourceDir= .

2003-03-06 10:47 Russell Lang

Change OS/2 gp_file_name_combine to match Windows.

2003-03-06 10:28 Igor Melichev (details)

file_name_combine : Adding the 'no_neighbour' argument.

2003-03-04 16:10 Igor Melichev

Fix (file_name_combine) : Relative paths in GS command line did not work.
This patch cnanges a disabled code only.

2003-03-04 15:24 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (file_name_combine) : An improvement to .locksafe .

2003-03-04 14:49 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : A bug in CIDDecoding category definition.

2003-03-04 14:05 Igor Melichev

Fix (file_name_combine) : A bug in .locksafe .
This patch changes a disabled code only.

2003-03-04 11:20 Igor Melichev

Fix : removing an unused variable.

2003-03-04 11:00 Igor Melichev (details)

Initial commit for the new SAFER logics.

2003-03-03 11:50 Igor Melichev

gp_file_name_combine : Implementing new PS operators.

2003-03-03 11:00 Igor Melichev

gp_file_name_combine : Fixing the OpenVMS parent syntax.

2003-03-03 10:49 Igor Melichev

gp_file_name_combine : Fixing a comment about OpenVMS.

2003-03-03 10:32 Igor Melichev

gp_file_name_combine : Fixing the OpenVMS parent syntax and generalizing the ankor parent check.
Thanks to Jacob Jansen.

2003-03-02 22:52 Igor Melichev (details)

gp_file_name_combine : Adding more helpers for OpenVMS support.

2003-03-02 13:48 Igor Melichev (details)

gp_file_name_combine : Implementing some useful functions.

2003-03-02 11:50 Igor Melichev

Fix : A compiler warning in platform dependent code for gp_file_name_combine.

2003-03-02 11:38 Igor Melichev

Fix : A syntax error in platform dependent code for gp_file_name_combine.

2003-03-01 13:59 Igor Melichev (details)

Implementing gp_file_name_combine.

2003-03-01 12:54 Igor Melichev (details)

Reorganizing lib_open, lib_file_open, lib_file_fopen, file_open_stream functions
to allow to check permissions with a combined file name.

2003-02-28 18:58 Ray Johnston (details)

Moving clear to before the restore removed the startjob parameters from
the opstack.

2003-02-28 18:53 Ralph Giles

Correct a comment typo.

2003-02-28 03:58 Ray Johnston

Correct typo somehow a /* comment crept in -- changed to %

2003-02-28 00:31 Ray Johnston

Add .endjob procedure for use by job servers. Remainder of job encapsulation
and documentation to follow later. Also fix potential "invalidrestore"
problem with "extiserver" and "true  startjob" caused by stuff left
on the opstack or dictstack.

2003-02-27 11:56 Ralph Giles (details)

Support for JBIG2 streams with a JBIG2Globals shared data reference.

2003-02-26 22:33 Igor Melichev

Fix : Improving a comment in lib/FAPIconfig.

2003-02-25 20:53 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : -dSubsetFonts=false did not work with incremental fonts.

2003-02-25 15:44 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Removing pdf_font_resource_s::copied_font.

2003-02-25 13:25 Igor Melichev

Fix (FAPI) : improving a comment.

2003-02-25 13:09 Igor Melichev

Fixing a compiler warning.

2003-02-25 12:25 Igor Melichev (details)

Fixing the device finalization problem.

2003-02-24 13:50 Alex Cherepanov

Avoid dictfull error; allocate page dictionary as large as the image
cache size. Wrap the image data string in the executable array because
some interpreters require the procedure data source.
Fixes bug #643398

2003-02-22 18:05 Ralph Giles

Use the correct debug macro in the recently committed struct_array
allocation checks. Only relevent to the debug build.

2003-02-22 05:50 Alex Cherepanov (details)

Return error immediately when glyph ID is not found in GlyphDirectory.
Avoid access to partly constructed GlyphData and obscure failures there.
Fixes SourceForge bug #672129

2003-02-21 18:52 Ray Johnston

Add runtime validity checking related to struct_array allocations. This is
only enabled for DEBUG builds so the checks will not slow down production
builds. Related to bug 669170.

2003-02-21 18:48 Ray Johnston

Fix SEGV when cmap allocation failed (check for pcmap==NULL was misplaced).

2003-02-21 11:22 Igor Melichev

Fix : Don't generate the warning "/Unicode /Decoding is not accessible"
when working with no pdfwrite device.

2003-02-20 21:34 Alex Cherepanov

The fact that pswrite and epswrite devices generate low level
PostScript has been documented as a known limitation.

2003-02-20 18:57 Jack Moffitt

Forces test scripts which take files as arguments to treat the files as
names rather than paths.

2003-02-20 18:34 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : A structure discriptor was wrong allocating an array of gs_cid_system_info.

2003-02-20 13:38 Alex Cherepanov (details)

Fix: Use default procedures for non-forwarding component bbox device.
Forwarding procedures cannot be used if there's no target device.

2003-02-18 19:57 Igor Melichev (details)

This is initial commit for implementing static resources.

2003-02-17 08:31 Jouk Jansen

 Committing in .

 OpenVMS crash fix (temporarily)

 Modified Files:

2003-02-17 00:08 Igor Melichev (details)

Enhancing the functionality of geninit.c .

2003-02-16 17:51 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : Improving the CIDFontType 2 font copying.

2003-02-16 17:28 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : Improving the seekability of the init string file.

2003-02-15 22:37 Ray Johnston

Change the fixed point precision for device coordinates to 8 bits. The
previous 12 bits was too large to accomodate large format inkjet printers
at modern resolutions of 720 and 1200 dpi.

2003-02-14 01:34 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : hmtx was wrongly written with CIDFontType 2 subset.

2003-02-13 22:26 Igor Melichev

Fix : Replacing UTC-16 with correct UTF-16 in documentation and comments.

2003-02-13 20:05 Ralph Giles

Improve wording and sentence structure for some recent documentation

2003-02-13 11:19 Igor Melichev

Adding a documentation about Decoding and CIDDecoding resource categories.

2003-02-13 09:24 Igor Melichev

Fix : The condition in .pdf_hook_DSC_Creator was too general.
Restricting the Type 32 font disabling with pdfwrite device only.

2003-02-13 07:53 Dan Coby (details)

Partial fix for 684340.  Remove the macro gx_color_device_must_halftone
and its one (incorrect use).

2003-02-13 01:54 Igor Melichev

Fix : Stack balance in .pdf_hook_DSC_Creator .

2003-02-12 23:06 Igor Melichev

Adding a documentation about GlyphNames2Unicode.

2003-02-12 22:31 Igor Melichev

Fix : Removing an unused procedure.

2003-02-12 14:57 Ralph Giles

Add the new jbig2 filter sources to the file listing.

2003-02-12 14:30 Igor Melichev (details)

pdfwrite : Disable 32 /FontType resource while processing a document
created with PScript5.dll .

2003-02-12 14:29 Igor Melichev (details)

pdfwrite : Account GlyphNames2Unicode while creating ToUnicode CMaps for simple fonts.

2003-02-12 02:16 Ralph Giles

Initial implementation of the /JBIG2Decode filter. This adds a '$(PSD)jbig2.dev'
FEATURE_DEV which links in the libjbig2dec decoder library. This version does
not support the optional /JBIG2GLOBALS parameter for sharing information between
page images. However, it is still useful as this parameter has been empty in
the files we've seen. The feature in enabled for the autoconf build if the
decoder library is found on the system, and remains optional with the other builds.

2003-02-11 22:21 Igor Melichev (details)

pdfwrite : Account GlyphNames2Unicode while creating ToUnicode CMaps
for Type 42 fonts.

2003-02-10 22:43 Dan Coby (details)

The display device (src/gdevdsp.c) was displaying pure magenta as
white when using the DISPLAY_UNUSED_LAST mode.

2003-02-10 18:47 Alex Cherepanov

Added link to a new file: pfbtopfa.bat

2003-02-10 17:39 Ray Johnston

Fix a stack problem when doing small-caps substitution on a substituted
font referenced from a PDF file. Problem seen with Adobe's PDF 1.2 spec.

SourceForge bug# 683997 for Artifex customer #150.

2003-02-10 17:01 Ralph Giles (details)

Document that pdfwrite and pswrite do not support the '%d' file-per-page
convention for -sOutputFile. Partial fix for Sourceforge bug 645677.

2003-02-10 16:53 Igor Melichev

Fix: Some compiler warnings.

2003-02-10 16:31 Igor Melichev (details)

Improving gs_font_procs interface functions glyph_info and glyph_outline.

2003-02-07 15:43 Igor Melichev (details)

The CID to TT mapping : Implementing a glyph data cache.

2003-02-07 00:31 Igor Melichev

Fix : Improving comments in map file samples.

2003-02-07 00:23 Igor Melichev

Improving a documentation about emulating CID fonts with True Type fonts.

2003-02-06 17:43 Alex Cherepanov

Default CRD name is /DefaultColorRendering , not /Default
Fixes SourceForge bug #667351 from customer #150

2003-02-06 13:02 Igor Melichev

Fix (FAPI) : A portability bug about arithmetic shift.

2003-02-06 09:40 Igor Melichev (details)

pdfwrite : Generating ToUnicode CMaps for simple fonts.
For fonts with random encoding it allows to Copy-Paste text
from viewers and to search a text.

2003-02-06 06:09 Alex Cherepanov

Created for completeness and convenience to Windows users.

2003-02-05 13:45 Ralph Giles

Remove documentation about the Pn() macros for K&R compatibility. They
were entirely removed prior to the 8.00 release.

2003-02-05 07:40 Igor Melichev

Fix (FAPI) : Improving error messages.

2003-02-04 23:13 Igor Melichev (details)

(pdfwrite) : Fixing glyph width with WMode=1.

2003-02-04 16:50 Igor Melichev

(pdfwrite) : Fixing a check for NULL pointer pdf_attached_font_resource,
and propagating return codes from there.

2003-02-04 15:46 Igor Melichev (details)

(pdfwrite) : Improving the safety of pdf_font_cache_elem arrays.

2003-02-04 15:24 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (new Type 1 hinter) : Exported an excessive moveto when hints are disabled.

2003-02-04 15:05 Igor Melichev (details)

Fixing a garbager problem in pdfwrite.

2003-02-03 19:35 Igor Melichev

Fixing a garbager problem with gs_cmap_adobe1.

2003-02-03 16:32 Igor Melichev

Fix (FAPI) : SubstNWP erroneusely used with non-CID fonts.

2003-02-03 16:06 Igor Melichev

Fix (FAPI) : Improving the default value for the subpixel grid.

2003-02-03 15:59 Igor Melichev (details)

(pdfwrite) : Copying a composite True Type glyph, components were indexed wrongly.

2003-02-03 14:00 Igor Melichev (details)

Fixing a garbager problem in pdfwrite.

2003-02-03 12:53 Igor Melichev (details)

Fixing problems with AlignToPixels.

2003-02-03 09:27 Igor Melichev (details)

CID font emulation : Comply with FAPI.

2003-02-03 08:32 Igor Melichev (details)

CID font emulation : Resolving relative paths.

2003-02-03 07:59 Jouk Jansen

 Committing in .

 OpenVMS patches

 Modified Files:
 	gs/src/gp_vms.c gs/src/gsfcid.c gs/src/openvms.mmk

2003-02-02 21:43 Igor Melichev

A documentation about emulating CID fonts with True Type fonts.

2003-02-01 18:56 Igor Melichev (details)

The CID to TT mapping : Providing a single map file
for both the CID font to CID font substitution and
True Type font to CID font substitution.

2003-01-31 17:39 Igor Melichev

Fix : Removing some unused variables.

2003-01-31 16:28 Igor Melichev (details)

The CID to TT mapping : Building CIDMap with SubstNWP.

2003-01-31 12:57 Ralph Giles

Remove a spurious include for MAXPATHLEN. Discovered fixing SF bug 675847.

2003-01-31 12:54 Igor Melichev (details)

CID font emulation : Choosing a cmap with gs/lib/xlatmap.

2003-01-31 12:51 Ralph Giles

Fixup makefile dependencies after changing header includes in gp_unifs.h.
Part of the fix for SF bug 675847.

2003-01-31 12:48 Ralph Giles (details)

Use the ANSI-standard FILENAME_MAX from stdio.h instead of MAXPATHLEN from
sys/param.h for unix path buffers. Fixes SF bug 675847.

2003-01-31 09:36 Igor Melichev (details)

The CID to TT mapping :
1. Providing an access to glyphs on demand.
2. Handle TTC font format.

2003-01-31 09:05 Dan Coby (details)

Fix for 673108.  The test file has a stream which contains an invalid
stream length.  However Acrobat handles the file.

2003-01-30 10:44 Igor Melichev (details)

CID font emulation : Adding a code for CIDMap generation,
and moving the xlatmap scanner to gs_fntem.ps .

2003-01-29 20:24 Ray Johnston (details)

Fix for incorrect colors with pswrite device when painting rectangles.
SF bug 677009.

2003-01-29 11:00 Igor Melichev (details)

Enhancing the resource machinery with mapping CID fonts to True Types.

2003-01-29 09:23 Igor Melichev

FAPI : Removing unuseful includes.

2003-01-29 09:19 Igor Melichev (details)

FAPI : A further improvement for the GS/FreeType bridge.
Patch from Graham Asher.

2003-01-29 08:53 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : Eliminate .forceput from gs_resmp.ps .

2003-01-29 08:50 Igor Melichev (details)

pdfwrite : Implementing DW2 and W2.

2003-01-28 19:09 Ray Johnston (details)

Fix regression of 119-01.ps caused by previous patch while retaining the
fix for #667658 when CR and/or LF comes between the '~' and the '>'.

2003-01-27 17:29 Ralph Giles (details)

Switching to the new type 1 hinter and the new filling algorithm.
Most documents render better.

2003-01-27 16:21 Ralph Giles

Improve the wording of and clarify the documentation for AlignToPixels.
Also restores the documentation for -dPDFFitPage removed by the initial
commit of the AlignToPixels feature.

2003-01-26 11:45 jeong

If s_A85D_process encounters CR/LF between '~' and '>', it returns ioerror.
Now it is changed to ignore CR and/or LF before '>', and works fine.
Fixes SF#667658.

2003-01-26 08:58 Igor Melichev

Fix : Removing an unused variable from set_cache_device.

2003-01-26 08:24 Igor Melichev (details)

Implementing a new user parameter AlignToPixels and
a new command line argument AlignToPixels.
They allow to choose the alignment of glyphs to
integral pixels or to subpixels while a text rendering.

2003-01-25 22:50 Ralph Giles

Universally prefer the __MACOS__ platform predefined symbol used by recent
releases of Metrowerks CodeWarrior to the older __MACINTOSH__.

2003-01-25 16:32 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (dropout prevention) : Insetred a check for VMerror.

2003-01-25 01:09 Ralph Giles

Supply local macros to replace non-portable min() and max() functions from MSVC.

2003-01-24 22:30 Dan Coby

This is a temporary backout of rev 1.12 while its changes are being
investigated.  This is being done to prevenet interference with some
other efforts.

2003-01-24 20:53 Ray Johnston

Add a new feature to scale PDF images to the current page size (rather
than selecting a PageSize corresponding to the document CropBox or
MediaBox). The command line option is -dPDFFitPage and will also position
the image to the printable area of the page (inside .HWMargins).

2003-01-24 19:39 Ray Johnston

Fix inconsistent type on QueryUser -- get_param was returning a 'bool' but
set_param required an 'int'. Error was /typecheck in setpagedevice or
could be /rangecheck in .installpagedevice after a page was processed.

2003-01-24 19:32 Ray Johnston

Correct typo (missing space) in previous change.

2003-01-24 19:28 Ray Johnston

Change to use ECHOGS_XE instead of system echo to avoid problems if an
echo is found on the PATH that expands wildcards '*' character. Problem
found by Torsten Erler when Cygwin echo caused a problem.

2003-01-24 13:34 Igor Melichev (details)

New Type 1 hinter : Fixing a bug in alignment to (non-sub)pixels.

2003-01-24 07:25 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (dropout prevention) : Did not work with -dNOCACHE.

2003-01-24 05:03 Igor Melichev (details)

New Type 1 hinter : Fixing glyph widths.

2003-01-24 00:39 Igor Melichev (details)

New Type 1 hinter : (1) It did not work with pdfwrite because
gx_path_init_bbox_accumulator doesn't provide a memory.
(2) Coded an alignment to subpixels.
(3) Removed a hack about suppressing a microscopic segment.

2003-01-23 20:11 Igor Melichev

Fix : A misprint in the recent patch to default_get_outline.

2003-01-23 05:14 Dan Coby

Fix for [ 662117 ] uniprint produces black pages, with bugfix.
This fixes several problems created in the uniprint device when the
device API was changed for 8.0.  This includes changes from Stefan Scherer,
the originator of the report, plus some changes for monochrome devices.

2003-01-22 17:36 Ray Johnston

Pulled unneeded #undef jcdp, there was no matching define. Original patch
by Henry Stiles for GhostPCL version.

2003-01-22 15:46 Igor Melichev (details)

FAPI project : fixing a problem about preparation renderer's
font data for non-disk CIDFontType 0 fonts.

2003-01-22 08:54 Russell Lang

Improve gsapi examples for Windows to not require _Windows on MSVC.

2003-01-22 07:51 Russell Lang (details)

Update DSC parser to current Ghostgum Software version.
Fixes SourceForge bug #657289, SEGV on Alpha in DSC parser.

2003-01-22 07:38 Russell Lang (details)

Treat files starting with %Pxxx as PostScript, not PDF.  Process
empty files without error.  Fixes SourceForge bug #663150, Some
PS files half-recognized as PDF files

2003-01-22 07:34 Russell Lang

Add the ijs device to the MSVC Windows build.

2003-01-22 00:42 Igor Melichev (details)

pdfwrite : Implementing widthshow and xshow for composite and CID fonts.
The old (default) implementation converted to raster fonts
and gave inaccurate glyph positions. The new implementation doesn't
convert fonts to raster except for Type 3.

2003-01-21 23:57 Igor Melichev

Fixing gcc compiter warnings in gxfill.c, gxdtfill.h .

2003-01-20 22:41 Dan Coby (details)

Fix for [ 664473 ] 64bit color indexes break X driver.
This fix corrects some problems found with the X window
driver and 64 bit gx_color_indexes found by customer 1110.

2003-01-19 23:04 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Improving a comment about ashow, awidthshow.

2003-01-19 19:59 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : With CID fonts 'show' set up cache devive and
inconsistently skipped any rendering to it. It must not set up cache device.
Thanks to Toshia Suzuki for spotting the problem.

2003-01-19 18:17 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (Dropout prevention) : Returning the gx_adjust_if_empty hack
for cases when dropout prevention is not applied. It was removed erroneously.

2003-01-19 10:17 Russell Lang (details)

Within the display device, correctly allocate the memory device
with the correct structure descriptor.

2003-01-18 09:52 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : When pdfwrite text buffer overflows, it wrote an
extra text positioning command with wrong arguments.

2003-01-17 17:32 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (Type 42 interpreter) : Providing a tolerance to bytecode segmentation with sfnts string.

2003-01-16 21:36 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (Free Type bridge) : A new revision with MetricsCount handling.

2003-01-16 18:49 Ray Johnston (details)

Add a message for filters (such as JBIG2Decode) that we can't handle and
continue processing the file as much as we can without the problem data.
This is related to SourceForge bug #668580.

2003-01-16 18:29 Ray Johnston (details)

Restructure the PDF top level processing (runpdf) to factor out a 'begin',
'do', and 'end' procedures. These can be used by clients to open a PDF
then access information from the PDF interpreter dictionaries about the
document or pages prior to actually processing pages with 'dopdfpages'.

2003-01-16 16:25 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (New Type 1 hinter) : A bug computing a stem width.

2003-01-16 15:20 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (Dropout prevention) : Sometimes active lines were not ordered,
causing a dropout.

2003-01-16 12:59 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (New type 1 hinter) : Removing hint complexes and fixing bugs.

2003-01-16 10:37 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (New type 1 hinter) : A bug in t1_hinter__interpolate_other_poles.

2003-01-15 18:20 Raph Levien

Fix: Correctly initialize private cmyk_cs as returned from
gx_concrete_space_CIE(). Fixes SF bug #667322.

2003-01-15 16:32 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (New type 1 hinter) : A bug calling the hinter.

2003-01-15 08:12 Dan Coby (details)

Modifies pick_cell_size to make a more accurate, and less round-off
error dependent, selection of screen cell size.

2003-01-14 19:09 Jack Moffitt

Add src/gxdtfill.h to whitelist for double inclusion protection test.

2003-01-14 19:06 Jack Moffitt

Fix timezone information for CVS timestamps.

2003-01-14 12:10 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (New type 1 hinter) : Removing unused variables.

2003-01-14 11:51 Igor Melichev (details)

New type 1 hinter : Round glyph origin to integral pixels.

2003-01-14 08:00 Igor Melichev (details)

New type 1 hinter : Implementing the type 1 flex feature.

2003-01-14 00:01 Jack Moffitt

Added documentation about new configuration mechanisms in the testing

2003-01-13 23:43 Jack Moffitt

Convert configuration options to use a configuration file, and move
config options from run_nightly into the normal config framework.

Also, add regression checkpoint time to the daily report.  Fixes
SF #657178.

2003-01-13 11:03 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (New type 1 hinter) : A bug in complex_link.

2003-01-12 19:58 Igor Melichev (details)

New type 1 hinter : Implementing alpha bits, and fixing bugs.

2003-01-12 19:55 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (dropout prevention) : wrong number of alphs bits was
passed to dev_proc(dev, copy_alpha).

2003-01-12 12:03 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (New type 1 hinter) : A bug in t1_hinter__hint_mask .

2003-01-11 19:21 Igor Melichev (details)

New type 1 hinter : Fixing gcc compiler errors.

2003-01-11 18:47 Igor Melichev

zchar1.c revision 1.23 appears wrong (an inaccurate type cast, compiler warnings).
Unwinding the patch.

2003-01-11 18:26 Igor Melichev (details)

New type 1 hinter : Fixing types for import function prototypes.

2003-01-11 18:20 Igor Melichev (details)

New type 1 hinter : Enable the grid fitting separately for X and Y.

2003-01-11 17:46 Igor Melichev (details)

Removing redundant code from zchar1.c .

2003-01-11 15:55 Igor Melichev (details)

New type 1 hinter : Attaching it to type 2 interpreter.
With NEW_TYPE1_HINTER = 0 the new code must be equivalent to old one.

2003-01-11 14:20 Igor Melichev

Fix: A bag in the visual trace implementation.

2003-01-11 04:39 Ralph Giles

Revert changes accidentally included in the last commit.

2003-01-11 04:38 Ralph Giles

Revert to the default gcc (3.1) on MacOS X. We had switched to 2.95 to
work around a bug in Apple's first shipped gcc3. The issue has been resolved
in the December 2002 Apple Developer Tools release.

2003-01-11 04:27 Ralph Giles

Revert to the default gcc (3.1) on MacOS X. We had switched to 2.95 to
work around a bug in Apple's first shipped gcc3. The issue has been resolved
in the December 2002 Apple Developer Tools release.

2003-01-10 08:17 Igor Melichev (details)

Reducing the C stack consumption in ztype1execchar.
The new code must be equivalent to the old one.

2003-01-10 00:56 Jack Moffitt

Allow tests to run without modifying the daily tracking database.
run_regression now takes the --track option to create and update daily
tracking databases, and runs normally otherwise.

2003-01-09 23:58 Jack Moffitt

Small formatting improvement.

2003-01-09 22:49 Jack Moffitt

Factor out gscheck_raster.py from run_regression.

2003-01-09 22:39 Jack Moffitt

Fixes another Python 2.2 compatibility error.

2003-01-09 21:35 Jack Moffitt

Fixes check for exception instances by using isinstance() instead of
issubclass().  This is required for Python 2.2 compatibility.

2003-01-09 21:33 Jack Moffitt

Increase maximum memory restrictions on Ghostscript for regression tests.

2003-01-09 21:12 Ralph Giles (details)

Include libz in the autoconf test for libpng.

2003-01-09 04:33 Ralph Giles

Correct warnings in the display device. Removes two unused declarations
and marks a local function private. After a patch by Peter Breitenlohner.

2003-01-09 04:31 Ralph Giles (details)

Add a missing header file.

2003-01-08 21:39 Ralph Giles (details)

Correct a nesting error in the libpng detection code.

2003-01-08 16:57 Igor Melichev

New type 1 hinter : Implementing dynamic array allocation;
Skipping degenerate path segments; Renaming configuration flags.
This patch changes a disabled code only.

2003-01-08 16:44 Igor Melichev

Dropout prevention : Self-intersections must not contribute peaks.
Also removed the LOOP_FILL_TRAPEZOID_FIXED macro.
This patch must not change any behavior.

2003-01-08 05:39 Dan Coby

1.  Added documentation for the PSD, XCF, and spotcmyk devices.
2.  Corrected various minor spelling problems.

2003-01-08 02:51 Ralph Giles

Add source files for the new type 1 hinter to the index in the developer documentation.

2003-01-07 17:54 Igor Melichev (details)

Dropout prevention : (1) Replace the horizontal line processing.
(2) Returning the hack about horizontal lines for non-character fills.
This patch changes a disabled code only.

2003-01-07 16:32 Igor Melichev (details)

fuzzy.c : Add writing the fuzzy difference to PPM or BMP file.

2003-01-06 23:37 Ralph Giles

Add standard license banners to some macos-specific header files.

2003-01-06 23:31 Ralph Giles (details)

Add standard copyright banner and RCS id line.

2003-01-06 19:57 Igor Melichev

Dropout prevention : A better marking of margin interior.
This patch changes a disabled code only.

2003-01-06 17:43 Igor Melichev (details)

Initial commit for a new type 1 hinter.
This patch must not change any behavior.

2003-01-06 17:00 Igor Melichev

Dropout prevention : Removing unused variables.
This patch changes a disabled code only.

2003-01-05 21:13 Igor Melichev

Dropout prevention : A bug in continue_margin_common.
This patch changes a disabled code only.

2003-01-05 20:48 Igor Melichev

Dropout prevention : Better compute the spot contiguity,
and improve the peak cut-off.
This patch changes a disabled code only.

2003-01-05 17:29 Igor Melichev (details)

Dropout prevention : Computing a contour area with fixed point arithmetics.
This patch changes a disabled code only.

2003-01-04 16:37 Igor Melichev (details)

Dropout prevention : Improving the predicate about adding horizontal lines to Y list.
This patch changes a disabled code only.

2003-01-04 15:04 Igor Melichev (details)

Dropout prevention : (1) Fixing a problem with improper contour direction
in some (wrong) fonts. (2) Improving the CHECK_SPOT_CONTIGUITY feature.
This patch changes a disabled code only.

2003-01-03 17:34 Igor Melichev (details)

Dropout prevention : Adding a serif adjustment.
This patch changes disabled code only.

2003-01-03 17:29 Igor Melichev

Dropout prevention : Correctly compute depth for cached character images.

2003-01-02 18:11 Igor Melichev

Fix (gswin32) : Improving the image window title for debug technology.

2003-01-01 06:55 Ray Johnston

Revert previous commit. This version is now back to the same as 1.22.

2002-12-31 23:08 Ray Johnston

Handle copying arrays (and their composite elements that are in VM) to
global VM when processing the ***params functions such as currentuserparams
Fixes SourceForge #647685 that impacted .setsafe usage.

2002-12-31 19:52 Ralph Giles

Add new dropout prevention source files to the documentation.

2002-12-30 22:31 Igor Melichev

Fix (dropout prevention) : A bug in store_margin.
This patch changes disabled code only.

2002-12-30 19:21 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (dropout prevention) : Direction of horizontal lines was computed wrongly.

2002-12-30 18:24 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (FAPI) : Don't try to get a glyph name for CID fonts.
Thanks for Graham Asher for spotting it.

2002-12-30 05:51 Ray Johnston (details)

Reduce state.width delta radius calculation for shadings that was made too
large by the previous commit.

2002-12-29 19:42 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (Type 1 interpreter) : setcurrentpoint missed the vstem3 shift.

2002-12-28 12:35 Igor Melichev (details)

Improving the dropout prevention algorithm
This patch changes disabled code only.

2002-12-26 11:26 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : fuzzy.c wrongly compared images.

2002-12-24 19:00 Ray Johnston (details)

Radial shading did not work if the CTM was rotated (mat.xx == mat.yy ==0).

2002-12-24 14:20 Igor Melichev (details)

Improving and optimizing the dropout prevention algorithm
with splitting gx_default_fill_parallelogram into 2 variants.

2002-12-23 18:17 Igor Melichev

Fix : Fixing a typo in comment.

2002-12-23 12:27 Igor Melichev (details)

Initial commit for the dropout prevention code in rasterizer.
It doesn't not change any behavior.

2002-12-23 10:59 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : Removing a rudiment about writing /Name to font resources.
It is not longer useful since revision 1.50 of lib/pdf_font.ps .

2002-12-20 17:17 Ray Johnston

Accumulate CVS log instead of only having one night's worth of change info.
It used to work that way but that "feature" got dropped inadvertently.

2002-12-20 11:39 Igor Melichev (details)

Initial commit for the dropout prevention code in rasterizer.
It doesn't not change any behavior.

2002-12-19 20:44 Igor Melichev

More optimizations are enabled with MSVC_VERSION != 5.
Using them MSVC 6.0 creates 1.5 times faster code.
Thanks to Russell Lang and to Pierre Arnaud.

2002-12-19 09:27 Russell Lang (details)

Prevent the bbox put_params from using the color mapping
functions before the device is opened.
Fixes Sourceforge bug #645531 "seg fault: bbox device + PAPERSIZE".

2002-12-18 17:30 Alex Cherepanov

Following MS Windows practice "Ok" is changed to "OK" in dialog controls.
Fixes SourceForge bug #655623 '"Ok" should be "OK"'

2002-12-18 13:59 Igor Melichev

Fix : Improving the portability of the vd_trace interface.

2002-12-17 18:24 Jack Moffitt

Update test scripts to omit -rXXX parameter for pdfwrite, instead of using
-r720 explicitly, so that it uses the default behavior.

2002-12-17 17:54 Jack Moffitt

Always run pdfwrite with the default resolution of 720, since that is the
common use case.

2002-12-16 12:31 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : Improving the vd_trace interface.

2002-12-15 19:04 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Text matrix was wrongly computed.
Source Forge bug "[ 651643 ] PS->PDF changes font slant".

2002-12-15 13:20 Igor Melichev

Fix (FAPI) : Don't request decodingID for embedded fonts,
because it is only useful for disk fonts.

2002-12-14 19:06 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : 'cmap' was written wrongly with subsetted True Type fonts.
Source Forge bug "[ 651148 ] pdfwrite embeds bad font".

2002-12-14 00:39 Ralph Giles

Add the display device (for the gsapi client interface) to the default
MacOS build.

2002-12-12 01:44 Dan Coby (details)

Fix for [ 652147 ] overprintmode not boolean.  Adobe TN5145 defines
the paramters to/from setoverprintmode/currentoverprintmode as being
boolean.  This change modifies the implementation to match the TN.

2002-12-11 20:31 Ray Johnston (details)

Handle TrueType fonts that contain poorly formatted 'post' tables.
These were seen as font subsets embedded in PDF files.
Fixes SourceForge bug #651164 for customer #150.

2002-12-10 17:49 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : Removing erroneous declarations from gdevpdfx.h .

2002-12-10 15:18 Ralph Giles (details)

Fix (FAPI) : Rename round() to fapi_round() to avoid shadowing the C99 call of the same name.

2002-12-10 13:52 Igor Melichev

(pdfwrite) : Implementing /PAGELABEL pdfmark.
Code from Joerg Baumann with minor improvements.

2002-12-10 11:33 Igor Melichev

Fix (FAPI) : Correcting the implementation of fapi_round.

2002-12-10 08:21 Igor Melichev

Fix (FAPI) : Work around MSVC bug which doesn't define 'round' in math.h .

2002-12-09 11:42 Igor Melichev

Fix (FAPI) : Remove dependency on interpreter structures from fapi_ft.c .
Code from Graham Asher.

2002-12-09 11:05 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : Allow to convert CIEBasedA with non-identity MatrixA to ICCBased.
Source Forge bug "[ 647124 ] gs 8.00 makes a large and slow PDF file".

2002-12-08 10:54 Igor Melichev

Changing copyright banner in Free Type bridge modules.

2002-12-08 10:50 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (FAPI) : Passing the replaced metrics to renderer.

2002-12-08 10:40 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : Fixing a spelling in a comment.

2002-12-06 19:28 Ralph Giles

Increment version number and date after 8.00 release.

2002-12-06 16:02 Igor Melichev

Free Type integration. Code from Graham Asher.

2002-12-06 08:45 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : Improving documentation about compression choice.

2002-12-06 01:11 Alex Cherepanov (details)

Avoid the stack overflow. Don't put all CID values on the
operand stack at once during identity CMap generation.
Fixes SourceForge bug #646809 "/stackoverflow"

2002-12-05 23:48 Alex Cherepanov

Work around a common error in PDF files when the length of the xref entry
is nor equal to 20 bytes. Use readline to advance to the next entry instead
of seeking 20 bytes forward.
Fixes SourceForge bug #646809, customer #1060 "/typecheck in --add--" 
Fixes SourceForge bug #641280, customer  #780 "/typecheck in --add--"

2002-12-05 00:29 Ray Johnston (details)

Adjust comments to reflect the current status (which FDSelect format can
possibly overflow the operand stack) and add comments to identify which
format corresponds to each procedure.

2002-12-04 19:50 Ray Johnston (details)

Handling of OpenType (OTTO) fonts with CFF fonts inside would fail if the
CFF table was not the first table in the table directory. Also stack
overflow could occur when building the FDSelect array. Now Asian fonts
sold by Adobe (as OpenType .otf fonts) can be used with Ghostscript.

2002-12-04 14:45 Jack Moffitt

Fixed another typo in pdf tests.

2002-12-04 14:35 Jack Moffitt

Fixed a bug in previous patch.

2002-12-04 09:05 Igor Melichev

Fix (pdfwrite) : Phase was missed writing a pattern.
Source Forge bug "[ 646062 ] (pdfwrite) Wrong pattern phase(270-01.ps".

2002-12-04 07:45 Igor Melichev

Changing copyright banner in Free Type bridge modules.

2002-12-03 16:43 Jack Moffitt

Fix: Turn logging on where it was overlooked.

2002-12-03 14:55 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (FAPI) : Implementing MetricsCount.

2002-12-03 13:54 Ralph Giles

Remove references to deprecated bug-gs-dev, bug-gs-beta, and mac-gs-* lists.

2002-12-03 13:36 Ralph Giles

Document that UseFlateCompression is treated as always on. Thanks to mpsuzuki
for noticing this change.

2002-12-03 07:40 Russell Lang (details)

When adding a missing showpage to an EPS file,
don't bind showpage to allow user to override it.

2002-12-03 06:17 Igor Melichev (details)

Free Type integration. Code from Graham Asher.

2002-12-03 06:00 Igor Melichev (details)

Free Type integration. Code from Graham Asher.

2002-12-03 02:41 Dan Coby

Fix:  Partial fix for [ 600288 ] /undefined in --setcolorspace--.
This fix consists of two parts.  1.  Resolve and substitute the alternate
color space for an ICCBased color space.  2.  Correct a reference counting
problem with the same alternate color space.

2002-12-02 19:59 Jack Moffitt

Fix: Report useful error information when updating, building, or installing
fails.  Fixes SF bug #484752.

2002-12-02 19:21 Jack Moffitt

Fix: Make sure all test code checks and reacts appropriate to the exit status
of Ghostscript.

2002-12-02 15:02 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : Use GetTempFileName for creating temporary files on Windows.
SourceForge bug "[ 592925 ] Unable to open initial device (winXP)".
Code from Russell Lang with minor improvements.

2002-12-02 13:30 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Names preceded with two null characters were not handled properly.
SourceForge bug "[ 641697 ] gs 7.33 regression".

2002-11-29 16:24 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Skip the obsolete Type 1 charstring command code 15,
because Acrobat Reader 5 on Linux chokes with it.
SourceForge bug "[ 641296 ] acrobat generates bad ps from gs pdf".

2002-11-27 20:36 Alex Cherepanov

Fix: Use "\n" line endings instead of "\r\n".
MS-DOS line endings were introduced in some lines with my earier fix.

2002-11-27 15:57 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix (pdfwrite) : Skip redundant clipping paths.
SourceForge bug "[ 624168 ] poor performance on patterns".

2002-11-27 15:37 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : gx_clip_path::outer_box was wrongly computed with empty path.

2002-11-27 15:25 Igor Melichev (details)

Fix : A partial fix for Source Forge bug "[ 592925 ] Unable to open initial device (winXP)".
Providing a diagnostics when failed to open temporary file or the device output file.

2002-11-27 14:47 Ralph Giles

Correct a non-portable symbol after #endif.

2002-11-26 15:15 Ralph Giles

Remove some unused variables.

2002-11-26 14:38 Ralph Giles

Adapt MacOS port to build under Metrowerks CodeWarrior 8.3. These changes
maintain compatibility with CW7. CW6 has not been tested. Also clean up
some of the mac-specific sources, removing dead and unnecessary code
and improving header includes.

2002-11-26 12:55 Ralph Giles

Correct changelog typos. Thanks to William Bader for spotting this.

2002-11-26 02:37 Ralph Giles

Remove echogs as part of the mostlyclean makefile target. After a patch by William Bader.

2002-11-22 00:49 Ray Johnston

Fix: Descriptions of the regression testing script did not correspond to
the script header. Thanks to Russell Lang of GSView fame for spotting this
(someone finally read at least part of this document!).

2002-11-21 10:29 Raph Levien

Change GS_DOT_VERSION to use two-digit minor version number, which is
our new policy.

2002-11-21 09:40 Russell Lang

When processing EPS files, empty the path after checking the
page size.

2002-11-21 08:51 Russell Lang

Update copyright date in Windows installer.

2002-11-21 08:26 Raph Levien

Second commit of 8.00 release: autogen change logs and history file
(note new History8.htm file).

Version 8.00 (2002-11-21)

This is the 8.00 release of AFPL Ghostscript. The most significant new feature since 7.0x is support for DeviceN colorspaces, up to 8 colorants total at 8 bits per component. Also, pdfwrite has seen considerable improvement in font handling, and many other bug fixes.

The following SourceForge bug numbers were open at the time of this release: 405342, 407342, 414947, 414985, 446344, 458261, 458775, 458780, 459647, 465936, 484752, 484753, 487953, 493348, 505429, 510808, 526099, 526491, 530011, 535366, 535752, 535836, 538033, 539239, 546823, 554076, 558151, 558435, 563287, 569573, 570772, 573744, 578838, 578865, 584990, 592160, 592837, 592841, 592925, 592930, 595760, 596009, 600288, 601255, 601336, 601694, 603934, 605830, 607425, 607850, 610356, 610478, 610727, 611694, 611701, 611727, 611898, 612801, 614298, 615165, 616970, 616976, 617077, 617523, 621246, 623292, 624515, 625085, 626059, 626295, 626358, 626419, 626464, 627545, 628110, 629335, 633299, 634036, 634358, 634514, 636210, 640159, 641278, 641280, 641283, 641296, 641490.

Incompatible changes

No incompatible changes in this release.


First commit of 8.0 process: update versions and dates, update to News.htm.
(doc/API.htm [1.29], doc/Bug-form.htm [1.33], doc/Bug-info.htm [1.32],
doc/C-style.htm [1.39], doc/Commprod.htm [1.26], doc/Copying.htm [1.25],
doc/DLL.htm [1.27], doc/Deprecated.htm [1.6], doc/Develop.htm [1.101],
doc/Devices.htm [1.58], doc/Drivers.htm [1.37], doc/Fonts.htm [1.35],
doc/Helpers.htm [1.29], doc/History1.htm [1.25], doc/History2.htm [1.25],
doc/History3.htm [1.25], doc/History4.htm [1.25], doc/History5.htm [1.27],
doc/History6.htm [1.42], doc/History7.htm [1.29], doc/Htmstyle.htm [1.30],
doc/Install.htm [1.39], doc/Issues.htm [1.33], doc/Language.htm [1.58],
doc/Lib.htm [1.27], doc/Maintain.htm [1.36], doc/Make.htm [1.62],
doc/New-user.htm [1.44], doc/News.htm [1.121], doc/Projects.htm [1.49],
doc/Ps-style.htm [1.23], doc/Ps2epsi.htm [1.27], doc/Ps2pdf.htm [1.49],
doc/Psfiles.htm [1.40], doc/Readme.htm [1.47], doc/Release.htm [1.74],
doc/Source.htm [1.25], doc/Tester.htm [1.24], doc/Testing.htm [1.14],
doc/Unix-lpr.htm [1.25], doc/Use.htm [1.71], doc/Xfonts.htm [1.25],
doc/gs-vms.hlp [1.24], man/dvipdf.1 [1.22], man/font2c.1 [1.22],
man/gs.1 [1.23], man/gslp.1 [1.22], man/gsnd.1 [1.22], man/pdf2dsc.1 [1.21],
man/pdf2ps.1 [1.23], man/pdfopt.1 [1.21], man/pf2afm.1 [1.22],
man/pfbtopfa.1 [1.23], man/printafm.1 [1.22], man/ps2ascii.1 [1.21],
man/ps2epsi.1 [1.20], man/ps2pdf.1 [1.27], man/ps2pdfwr.1 [1.26],
man/ps2ps.1 [1.29], man/wftopfa.1 [1.22]: 2002/11/21 07:12:16 raph)


First commit of 8.0 process: update versions and dates, update to News.htm.
(version.mak [1.58]: 2002/11/21 07:12:17 raph)


Fixes problems:
	- Don't overwrite source file when ps2pdf.bat is used with 1
argument and the argument has no ".ps" extension. (Fixed by Moritz Barsnick)
Bug #631974 (lib/ps2pdfxx.bat [1.13]: 2002/11/20 03:01:23 alexcher)


Documents the old macos output device as deprecated. This is superceeded by
the gdevdsp. (gdevmac.c [1.7]: 2002/11/20 18:24:44 giles)

PDF writer

Fixes problems:
	- Fix (pdfwrite) : pdf_put_colored_pattern wrongly accessed pattern
mask. SourceForge bugs "[ 623989 ] (pdfwrite) wrong colors with 269-01.ps",
"[ 602995 ] (pdfwrite) 269-01.ps limitcheck". (gdevpdfv.c [1.20]: 2002/11/18
22:23:40 igor)
	- Fix (pdfwrite) : Providing additional documentation about embedded
fonts. (gdevpdtb.c [1.12]: 2002/11/20 10:21:15 igor)
	- Fix (pdfwrite) : Encoding Differences were not written for
embedded Type 1,2 fonts that have a very instandard Encoding. Discovered
with SF bug "[ 641296 ] acrobat generates bad ps from gs pdf".
(gdevpdtt.c [1.24]: 2002/11/21 00:05:06 igor)
	- Fix (pdfwrite) : The previous patch about Encoding Differences was
inaccurate about True Types and CID fonts. Improving it with a better
condition. (gdevpdtt.c [1.25]: 2002/11/21 03:44:11 igor)

PDF Interpreter

Fixes problems:
	- Pattern stream was copied to the string failing with rangecheck
for long streams. The patch uses strings when possible and switches to
reusable streams for longer streams. Bug #634080, customer #561
(lib/pdf_draw.ps [1.63]: 2002/11/21 01:29:07 alexcher)


Fixes problems:
	- Correction for 637954 dina3_watermark.pdf fails on GS 7.33. This
forces the color space to /DeviceGray whenever the initgraphics operator is
called. Previously if color space substitution was active and the last
colorspace was /DeviceGray then its substituted colorspace would remain
active. (lib/gs_cspace.ps [1.5]: 2002/11/18 23:42:18 dan)
	- Packed array is accepted now as an encoded user path in insideness
testing operators. Bug #640855 (zupath.c [1.7]: 2002/11/20 18:17:28
	- Fix : (1) gc_status.requested was not initialized for stable
memories, but used by alloc_acquire_chunk. (2) setting
gc_status.vm_threshold and gc_status.enabled for stable memories
synchronously with non-stable ones. This allows to control stable memories
with setvmthreshold and vmreclaim. With default settings pdfwrite now works
faster. SourceForge bug "[ 621243 ] (pdfwrite) slow mahle.pdf"
(zvmem2.c [1.7]: 2002/11/20 18:56:56 igor)
	- Bring /SubstituteFont procedure prototype up to the standard:
<name> SubstituteFont <name> . Do traditional GS font
substitution after the standard font substitution. Use no-op standard font
substitution for backward compatibility. Bug #637424 Customer #71
(lib/gs_fonts.ps [1.24]: 2002/11/21 04:43:58 alexcher)

When processing multiple EPS files, call showpage if necessary for
subsequent files. (lib/gs_epsf.ps [1.10]: 2002/11/19 20:14:01 ghostgum)

Corrects a small typo in the api documentation. (gdevdsp.h [1.7]: 2002/11/20
17:46:26 giles)

First commit of 8.0 process: update versions and dates, update to News.htm.
(lib/gs_init.ps [1.74]: 2002/11/21 07:12:17 raph)


Fixes problems:
	- Fix : lsb must not apply to True Type subglyphs. The offset to be
taken from composite only. SourceForge bugs "[ 623122 ] component shift in
TrueType composites", "[ 536863 ] Type11 layout bugs". (gstype42.c [1.25]:
2002/11/20 09:55:26 igor)
	- Fix : (1) gc_status.requested was not initialized for stable
memories, but used by alloc_acquire_chunk. (2) setting
gc_status.vm_threshold and gc_status.enabled for stable memories
synchronously with non-stable ones. This allows to control stable memories
with setvmthreshold and vmreclaim. With default settings pdfwrite now works
faster. SourceForge bug "[ 621243 ] (pdfwrite) slow mahle.pdf"
(gsalloc.c [1.18]: 2002/11/20 18:56:43 igor)
	- Fix : (1) gc_status.requested was not initialized for stable
memories, but used by alloc_acquire_chunk. (2) setting
gc_status.vm_threshold and gc_status.enabled for stable memories
synchronously with non-stable ones. This allows to control stable memories
with setvmthreshold and vmreclaim. With default settings pdfwrite now works
faster. SourceForge bug "[ 621243 ] (pdfwrite) slow mahle.pdf"
(gsalloc.h [1.6]: 2002/11/20 18:57:10 igor)

First commit of 8.0 process: update versions and dates, update to News.htm.
(gscdef.c [1.32]: 2002/11/21 07:12:17 raph)

Copyright © 2003 artofcode LLC. All rights reserved.

This software is provided AS-IS with no warranty, either express or implied. This software is distributed under license and may not be copied, modified or distributed except as expressly authorized under the terms of the license contained in the file LICENSE in this distribution. For more information about licensing, please refer to http://www.ghostscript.com/licensing/. For information on commercial licensing, go to http://www.artifex.com/licensing/ or contact Artifex Software, Inc., 101 Lucas Valley Road #110, San Rafael, CA 94903, U.S.A., +1(415)492-9861.

Ghostscript version 8.11, 16 August 2003